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  1. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    Thanks to all the designers, models and staff, especially Lore and Amber Quinzet, who stuck out some tough sim conditions, to ultimately make the World Cup of Fashion Show such a fun event.

  2. navefall Says:

    ˙sǝʌlǝsɯǝɥʇ ɹoɟ ʞɐǝds ʇ,uɐɔ ‘suosɐǝɹ pooʇsɹǝpun ʎlısɐǝ ɹoɟ oɥʍ ‘slǝpoɯ ɟo ɟlɐɥǝq uo ǝʇɐɔoʌpɐ oʇ ʎɹʇ op ı ˙ssǝlɥɔǝǝds ʇsoɯlɐ ɯ,ı ˙ɥɔnɯ ʎɹǝʌ noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ

    ˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ɹoolɟ ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ dn sʞool ǝɯ/

  3. Beatrice Barbosa Says:

    Thank You, Nave Fall.
    I applaud you for being a Model’s Advocate.
    I have more respect for you than all the anonymouse who tries to knock you down here.
    At least, you are honest and you actually do something for the modelling community.

  4. navefall Says:

    I admit that I love coming up with witty, and perhaps, even confusing, noms de plume, alias’ and pseudonyms to use in places like AgencyReport. But I can’t claim the credit for Bemused Observer. I wish I could. I think my writing style is easily emulated by anyone with a little education and the willingness to use a thesaurus and a spellchecker, so I get more credit then I deserve……….

    At the same time if what was said about SuperElite’s management making an exception to THEIR written, and published, rules for the MR SPRING event (and c’mon, since when do most event organizers follow their own rules? As if they understand what the translator they used really says in English in the first place…..)is correct, why shouldn’t it be mentioned, discussed and, eventually, when public opinion prevails, corrected? (Fat chance of that)

    I like Phillip, Yasmine, Lorelei and Amber. Three people I like a great deal, Locked Semaphore, Katherine Comet, and More Ying, are contenders in the SuperElite event too. So I’d like this event to be a credible as possible. In fact I like SuperElite enough that when Phillip approached me about talking to Kimmera about having Tres Beau sponsor the July 3rd Miss SuperElite Summer show it was a no-brainer and I agreed to do it on the spot. So Tres Beau is passing out 10 Formal and 10 Casual outfits to the women in this show and whatever the show’s staff needs to wear as well.

    All that aside……….. I think if the rules were changed to benefit someone and it’s been questioned, and admitted. Then the votes should be recast.

    I’d like to think that whatever “alleged” RL emergency occurred was not a conflict between 2 SL rehearsals. If that’s true, and I haven’t a clue whether it is or not, that’s all the more reason to adjust things. If that’s true and the individual involved misspoke that’s all the more reason to retroactively/belatedly correct things.

    I don’t expect that to happen though.

    One last comment. Model’s pay. MODELS DESERVE TO BE PAID. PERIOD. And I don’t care if the show is paid for or not……………if someone wants to run a modeling agency as an expensive hobby (it is expensive let me tell you) that’s fine, include paying the models as part of your investment in your PERSONAL hobby. When Tres Beau does a show the models are ALWAYS paid. If it’s a free show we tip the models. If it’s a paid show we follow up to make sure that the models and staff were paid. Kimmera and I want models paid for their efforts. I’ll ask around about whether SuperElite pays. I’m curious now.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  5. in the biz Says:

    wonders where Nave Fall has been on A.R. these days…oh yeah, waves to Bemused observer…there he is.

  6. The Divine Miss B! Says:

    Dear SuperElite,

    How come you don’t pay your models a single linden after taking designer’s money for the show. I know for a fact that NONE of the models were paid for all their hardwork at the A La Folie show. If you value and respect your models, start paying them for shows. Just like you don’t pay your models for the season contests…..I’m not talking about the contestants either.

    Everyone knows that the reason one of the Mister SE Spring contestant couldn’t make the SE rehearsal is because there was a conflicting Mister Virtual World rehearsal and yet he was excused. You know why? Because he is the best friend and SL brother of Phillip Dollinger, the one organizing and heading the SE Season Contest. Be Fair.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Oh please wrote:

    “Another fact is that we do not know what her RL hardship was. Perhaps it was not life-threatening. Maybe she ran out of gas or got delayed at RL work. Maybe she had a fender bender. Maybe she just got a flu and ended up having the trotts all day. How the hell do we know?”

    This was MISTER SE SPRING. All of the contestants were MEN. Shows how much you know. How the hell do we know Silure Osvar wasn’t making up phony baloney excuses?

  8. Oh please Says:

    Just wanted to clarify Oh Please and Oh Please! are two entirely different commentators on AR.

  9. Bemused observer Says:

    Oh please?

    Your strident rant, and it is a rant btw, misses THE point entirely and colors the question with your personal take on how things work.

    I happen to like SuperElite. A lot.

    I was not in the Mr. SuperElite Spring event. I’m a blogger not a model.

    I am not shilling for anyone. I couldn’t care less who won this event

    SuperElite wrote THEIR rules. If they wanted to allow flex they could have. They DIDN’T. They were explicit.

    The contestants who spent a lot of time, effort and, sometimes, $Lindens on these events deserve consistent behavior on the part of those who conduct the event. These contestants are not treating it like a game and their serious intentions should be respected by Yasmine, Rena and Phillip.

    You have no skin in this one I bet and you, obviously, are playing a game. Others have a different sensibility. It’s your SLife play it as a game if you wish don’t impose that outlook on others though.

    SuperElite is not a tacky, little, scamming event group. SuperElite is, or was, once upon a time, one of SL’s best agencies (they seldom do shows, except graduations, anymore it seems, so how can we rank them?), but seem to have fallen a couple of notches down the foodchain recently. Conducting the SuperSearch is not enough to retain status of credibility as an agency when you have others like AVENUE, Boulevard, Opium, and Maniera out there doing the job.

    I/m not bitter at all. In fact, I’m amused by people like you who are so self absorbed.

  10. Smiling Says:

    SuperElite is one of the best and Yasmine Kidd is just great!
    Stop that worthless blaming.

  11. Oh Please ! Says:

    Sounds to me like Bemused was in that contest, or had a friend in that contest, and lost. Deny it, of course, but it sure sounds like bitter grapes to me.

    The fact is this IS SL NOT RL. It is a game. RL happens. That is a fact. Another fact is that we do not know what her RL hardship was. Perhaps it was not life-threatening. Maybe she ran out of gas or got delayed at RL work. Maybe she had a fender bender. Maybe she just got a flu and ended up having the trotts all day. How the hell do we know?

    But to not allow EVER for RL to interfere with SL is just plain stupid.

    Well, maybe not for people like you, dear Bemused, who sit at the PC 24/7 and cannot possibly imagine anyone having a life outside the front door.

    In which case, I can sincerely say… SUCKS TO BE YOU!

    Asshat !

    Changing the rules to allow for RL situations is the right thing to do.

    Stop being so bitter.

  12. Bemused observer Says:


    Do you think that the model’s who followed the rules feel the same way that you do about the way they were changed to favor someone else?

    Somehow I doubt that.

    The simple fact is that YOU published the rules. I admit it’s YOUR contest. But why make an exception for RL. In RL that exception wouldn’t dare be made. Exceptions like this are why people look askance at contests in SL. We all have real lives. That was why you wrote to rules the way you did to start with so that people would know you were serious.

    By changing the rules on a whim, to benefit one contestant, whether they communicated with you or not, not communicating that change (arrogant, very arrogant) and then claiming you were being humanitarian is just weak, your credibility goes out the window forever.

    SuperElite claims to be a “class-act” The class thing to do is recount the votes. Apply the rules as they were ORIGINALLY written. The playing field was not level and you are sweeping that under the rug.

  13. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    Thanks to Amber and all the models for a wonderful show yesterday. pixivor’s designs from A LA FOLIE, looked amazing on you all. 🙂

  14. Anonymous Says:

    If I had a “real life hardship” I would simply bow out of the contest because it’s not fair to the other people who actually attended all of the practices. If my “real life hardship” was so bad, the last thing on my mind would be a SL contest anyway. I am disappointed there are softies like Yasmine Kidd. Be tough!

  15. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    Hello Bemused,

    Thank you for calling this matter to my attention. I appreciate you allowing me the chance to clear up this up. I’m sure others had a similar question.

    Of the two people you discuss, only one person actually missed a rehearsal.
    And it was only one rehearsal.

    Yes, our rule about practice was written very strictly. We did it so people would commit seriously to this show. As you know, SuperSearch is very rigorous and a lot of work.

    In this situation, however, there was a real life hardship. And we all know there are situations that deserve a little leniency and compassion, to otherwise committed people.

    The person called it to our attention early. And the one absence was allowed.
    Other contests, such as Miss Virtual World, handle emergencies this way, as well.

    So as you can see, this was done entirely out of compassion and not favoratism. And I will always support compassion for a person going through hard times, over an overly strict reading of a rule.

    Rules are made to favor people. Not the other way around.

    However, because of your diligence, we will be changing this rule for the upcoming events to allow for emergencies such as this. So thank you, Bemused.

    All the best,


  16. Bemused observer Says:

    So the big question of the day is this?

    Are the rules the rules in SuperElite contests?

    SuperElite’s event rules say you must attend all rehearsals or be disqualified.

    Their rule:


    This practices ARE NOT OPTIONALS ! If you think that you can’t come to these rehearsals, don’t submit !! A model that will miss one of these dates will be dismissed from the contest ! THERE WILL BE NO RESCHEDULING of practices for individuals. So please mark these days and times if you are interested in joining.

    Simple. Direct and reasonable

    Miss a rehearsal = Automatic disqualification

    Runner-up Silure Ozsvar was never seen until the last audition for the event itself and attended no rehearsals. How can he come in second. HOW can that happen? (Who the hell is Silure Ozsvar anyway?)

    And second runner-up Tesan Lane also missed a rehearsal. WTF?

    This is not some tacky little agency that rigs everything btw. This is SUPERELITE

    What are we to think these sorts of things Yasmine? I guess if you make the rules you can break the rules huh?

    Enquiring minds want to know?

  17. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    For all those celebrating, we at SuperElite wanted to wish you a very happy Easter

    And a Happy Spring to all the wonderful models on Second Life.

    If you are having an egg hunt this weekend, I expect you all to win. Lord knows, we get enough practice with hunts here in SL 🙂

    Yasmine Kidd, SuperElite CEO

  18. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    We have just started a total renovation of Fashionista. It’s going to be great. The amazing designer and builder Gwen Carillon is working on it as you read this.

    Everything should be done in just a few weeks. But please be a little patient if some locations change for a day or two.

    Thanks for your patience. We’re excited about the changes.

  19. Genevieve Kamala Says:

    I am extremely proud and honored to have taken my first professional steps, so to speak, on the Super Elite Runway. I am grateful for the great teachings and the incredible opportunity to graduate on the main runway, what an amazing experience. I want to thank everybody at SuperElite and especially Mangosio and Lorelei. Hugs go to the wonderful ladies I graduated with Pepper, Austin and dear Cecilia.
    Happy new year to you all!

  20. Livia Mastroianni Says:

    Happy 2010 to SuperElite, I’m so proud I worked with Yasmine, Rena and all SuperElite staff, it’s a group of real professionals and it keeps growing with top quality productions.
    I was in the Elite class one year ago and it’s been a very interesting experience, I recommend it 🙂

  21. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    Congratulations to everyone who graduated from our ELITE class last week. What a wonderful job that group and the instructors did. I thought they put on an excellent show. It did not feel student AT ALL. It was as good or better than most regular shows.

    It was also so great to see so many former students on stage at Miss Virtual World. I was very proud of all. 🙂

  22. I must admit I haven’t read any of the comments, all I can say is: it was one of my best decisions to start at SE. The instructors are awesome, patient and besides instructing, they are great and friendly people, always lending a helping hand. If you want to start a model career, don’t hesitate to start here! I thank all of them, but especially Lorelei, for giving me all what a model needs !

  23. Akiya Monochrome Says:

    I just wanted to say how much i thought it was a nice thing to see a modeling agency with almost all great comments professionally laid out.

  24. RicoRacer Flux Says:

    I’m the type of model who is always seeking opportunities for growth and experience to better my skills as a model. I feel one should never stop learning as the SL Fashion Industry does evolved over time and there’s always something new to learn. I took the ADVANCE and ELITE course at the SuperElite Academy and they did not disappoint. My instructors (Lorelei Maggs, Mimmi Boa, Mangosio Loner, and Nani Wrigglesworth) are all top models and highly qualified to provide the comprehensive courses while maintaining a supportive caring environment. I sincerely THANK Lorelei Maggs for her guidance and support. She has become one of my mentors not only for her superior modeling skills and professionalism but also for her kindness and genuinely caring personality.

    I also want to thank Yasmine Kidd, Rena Mascot, and all the judges at the SuperElite First Year Anniversary Modeling Search for picking me as one of the five winners and making me one of the newest member to the SuperElite Modeling Agency. Thank you also to SuperElite and Philip Dollinger for giving me my first modeling job with SuperElite for the upcoming SE Autumn Runway Show/Contest this coming October 31st. I can’t wait. TY.

  25. Yasmine Kidd Says:


    It’s hard to believe but exactly one year ago none of us had ever set foot on Fashionista Island.

    SuperElite had never performed a show.

    The academy had yet to graduate a single student.

    There were no pictures in the museum.

    And there were no shops open for business.

    We’ve seen a lot here over the last year. So much has changed to make this the thriving hub of creativity that it’s become. And there are some people we must thank:

    First and foremost, Delerium Hannibal and his wife Emma LaFollette
    for their time and creativity in the build of this land. And for Gwen Carillon, who is making her mark on new projects today.

    Thank you to Sami Kutanaga for starting the SE Academy. And Lorelei Maggs for improving and expanding it today.

    We want to thank Lorelei once more, because she was the very first model of note to join the agency. Thank you for setting the standard, then and now.

    We want to thank Lady Thera, Terra d’Ombra, Glance, MEB, Carabella Babii Photography, The Joy Movement & Andra Anatine for supporting us with their great designs and skills.
    And pixivor Allen of A LA FOLIE for being the first to move here.

    Thank you to friends like Frolic, Mystre, Anette, Carabella, Mercedes, Jules, White Tigres, Rayn, Carabella, Ima, Sandro, Krise, Ash, Dark, Bono, Nyla, Lacey, Isabel, & Mimmi Boa for supporting us, when we were nothing, and had no good reason to. That’s the very definition of generosity.

    And thank you to all those who believed and supported us when we really needed you.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    We want to thank those who’ve led SE and helped managed the wonderful models here, starting from Kylie Balogh to Wenandrenia Soderstom. We’re grateful for their guidance, and especially for the remarkable leadership of Rena Mascot today.

    And of course, we’re especially grateful to all the wonderful models who we are proud to call SuperElite.

    Finally, our last thank you goes to Horris Fitzcarraldo. The crazy dreamer. The genie who grants other people their wishes and dreams. The calm, steady hand behind all of this. There are generous people in this world. And then there is Horris. There aren’t enough ways to say thank you to that man.

    But that’s all the looking back we will do today. Today is really about looking ahead.

    Where there were no stores, we are at capacity and growing.

    Where we had no students, we know have hundreds of graduates, several of whom have opened their own agencies.

    Where we started with one model, we are having a competition
    to see who will be the next to join us.

    So today, like always, we want to remind you that this is YOUR agency.

    And this island is here to help you fulfill YOUR creativity.

    So today isn’t about looking back at where we’ve been.

    It’s about asking, where will YOU take all of us tomorrow.

  26. Maria Miami Says:

    Loved the Bella e Scema show! The set, the models, the clothes! It was all great. Can’t wait to start my classes at SE!

  27. Anita Claven Says:

    I’m so very proud to be a SE model, Rena is absolutely wonderful. So patient and kind. Yasmine from what I have talked to her is also a tremendous soul, but the best thing I have gained with being in SE, other than personal growth, is the wonderful Lorelei Maggs as a friend. She has been a tremendous help to me. I am so excited to be here, Thankyou ladies for giving me a chance, I will bust my butt and give it my all! Cant wait till this fridays show!

  28. Miss Modeling Fan Says:

    Loved the wedding video Yasmine! And I loved Isabel’s student show too. I just wish the sim wasn’t full for every show. They are always so hard to get into. But always worth it when you do get there!

  29. Alantra Benoir Says:

    Oh oH oh. Every comment here is so true. What strikes me is the profesional , human way ppl are treated. The models to agency and vice versa. I am so excited to complete my Elite training soon. My sl wish since i was born. I thank the trainers for empanty and intellegence 🙂

  30. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    My thanks to everyone who worked so hard on the Eostara Wedding Show. The new video is up on the website and TommyLee Nightfire has done just a stunning job of capturing the show and the amazing setting.

    Here is the link:

  31. Hot Couture Says:

    Congratulations Rena!!

    You will do an awesome job.

  32. Wenadrenia Soderstrom Says:

    Thank you anon I will say i left on my own accord i was not asked to leave.i am sorry you feel as you do but we all have our opinions…. have a great day

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Great move making Rena Mascot the new GM over that Wena person. Rena has been so nice and helpful during the weekly practices. I guess good things do happen to good people! Maybe the best agency just got stronger. PS I agree. That wedding show really was spectacular!

  34. Fashion Fan Says:

    Loved the wedding show last week in Eostara. The real wedding at the end was such a great surprise. The set blew me away. They don’t do enough shows. Becayse after Pop Tarts and now this, I don’t think anyone does better shows than SuperElite. Congrats!

  35. Beyonce Says:

    Hmm…About this whole ‘only top models get hired’, totally un-true, i think the only reason top models get choosen because they work their buts off.

    I know i am not a top model but i know a bit how it works. You cannot say ONLY the top models get put into shows ive seen SEs shows.

    People notice when you show dedication, like going to each practice, or every casting, or even just going to the show to show support.

    And i agree you do need to put it upon your self to find work, dont depend on the agency to give you work.

    An agency is about making the designer and models happy, and sometimes it goes more towards the designers side, sometimes the designer chooses her own models and they cannot help if you just happen to be not what they are looking for.

    For me, modeling is about fun, i love the clothes the fashion all of that and i hate that this industry has been turned into ‘she has a bigger name than me so i cant wont/cant get work’. Any one can book jobs you need to work to work, spend money to make money, get your name out there.

    GL Models


  36. Anonymous Says:

    You have to look at all the comments to see the probability things have to be true about the SE GM.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the same things about her in other converstaions. Basically that they were hurt she blew them off couldn’t say hello back …I’ve heard she kisses the butts that need it for what she is going for, after that …forget it you don’t serve her purpose and I speak for the people that made these comments. Many are like this but not all …and people speak out when they see it happening. There are literally 100’s of more respectful models and kind people.

  37. GeorgieBoy Juliesse Says:

    I recently graduated from the SuperElite Academy and I thought the program was excellent. All of the trainers I worked with, Mimmi, Lorelei, Tiara, Nani were knowledgable, patient, and helpful to us new, aspiring models. Even if you think you know it all, there’s always more to learn.

    And to EX SE model, I’m so sorry you were never cast in anything darlin’. Too bad there won’t be a next time for you now that you quit.

  38. Katime Vacano Says:

    I did the Elite class here at SE and found it very informative…the instructors were helpful and approachable…and we also had some great guest speakers…my only criticism would be the very short notice of the graduation show and practice…overall a great class.

  39. Charli Turbo Says:

    I cant thank the SuperElite team enough! Very supportive and friendly. Id like the thank all the instructors for investing such time and faith in me.
    My experience from this agency has been superb and I seriously recommend It to all aspiring models!!

  40. Anonymous Says:

    I also was not casted and want to say that if you where not casted maybe it lays beyond the name. I know I was not that great at my presentation and could of walked better but I take it all as experience. So if you are not happy just leave the group or turn the experience as a learning tool.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I have to comment on the wedding show ..

    Did you also notice there was a model who wasn’t at the casting, yet cast for the wedding show and wasn’t part of SE until that time. All the models there at the casting were given a lineup order. With the exception of one model, this particular model was not there, not in the lineup, yet cast for the show.

    Makes you wonder.

  42. Natalia Corvale Says:

    Hmmmmm…not sure what you mean by “never get any work from SE”. I don’t and will never rely on an agency to find me work. I look for it myself. If SE chooses to offer me a job then great, but I don’t intend to sit back and wait for someone else to do what I am more than capable of doing myself. SE has been a great source education for me and the people I have been fortunate enough to work with have always treated me with the utmost professionalism and support. Being an SL model is a job and like any job, you have to put time and effort into it. Nothing is going to be given to you on a silver platter just because you’re an SE model. The plain simple truth is…you’re gonna have to work for it.

    I’m sorry to hear that you feel it necessary to leave the group. I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

  43. EX SE model Says:

    Welcome to SE Natalia! Make sure you are also in other agencies, because you will never get any work from SE. Sorry it’s true.

    They always choose the Top models. Why even have a casting? Wasted our time and they did not pick ONE “newer” model for the wedding show. Sorry everyone, it is just a fact. Even though we are just as good and successful else where.

    Yes I will be leaving this group, don’t worry. No work anyway here. Just a “name”. So that was the proof I needed. Good Bye.

  44. Natalia Corvale Says:

    I am a recent student of Super Elite and have been lucky enough to work with some incredible instructors including Lorelei Maggs, Isabel Brocco and Sami Kutanaga. They’ve been nothing less than friendly, supportive and professional.

    Being new to SL modeling, I’ve met my share of ego-centric people, both men and women alike. I’ve been laughed at, talked about behind my back and fended off unwanted advances from photographers and designers. Guess what? I’m still here because I love what I do and I love fashion.

    What people fail to realize is that if you’re going to jump in to this business with both feet then you will at some point have to deal with people like that. The trick is not to allow them to bring you down to their level. Getting involved in mudslinging makes you no better than they are. If you come across someone with a less that professional or friendly attitude, just steer clear of them…or click that beautiful little button that says “Mute” on it. Works wonders, trust me.

    As of this post I have yet to meet Wenadrenia Soderstrom but I can assure you that if or when I do, I will draw my own conclusions based on my interaction with her, not from character bashing posts on a website. Especially from posters who hide their identities behind “anonymous”.

    If you have something to say about someone, have enough respect to say it to their face. If you don’t like the way SE is being run, there is a whole list of other agencies on this page you can join so why not highlight this group and click “Leave”?

    One last thing, if you dislike the GM, that’s your personal business, but don’t forget, the Super Elite team encompasses many individuals. Please don’t judge them based on a negative encounter with one person.

    Natalia Corvale

    ~Proud Super Elite Graduate~

  45. Wenadrenia Soderstrom Says:

    Bravo and well said Krystanna…. Where do you find good hair….?

  46. Krystanna Wycliffe Says:

    To all of this nonsense about Wenadrenia Soderstrom, I have just a few things to say. First of all, do you people have nothing better to do than discuss others? I find it hillarious that so much time and effort seems to be taken on such a ridiculous bunch of gossip. I’ve been told that there are some people who think I’ve been involved in this, and I would like to say, for the record, that could not be further from the truth. For one, I don’t have the time. For two, I don’t have the desire. I can’t imagine wasting my time on drivel such as this. I actually find it offensive that I would have to even entertain this insanity with a response, but, nonetheless, it appears that it will continue to spiral if not put in check.

    As far as Wena is concerned, I have worked with her extensively since our early days of modeling in mid 2008, and I know very well of her desire and dedication for being a top model in SL. Anyone who would say that she doesn’t work hard for her place doesn’t know her in the least. She is in SL more than most, and works extremely hard at what she does. To those who dislike her style, I would say that style, like most artistic endeavors, is subjective. While it may not be to your tastes does not mean it does not exist. It may be that your style is not appreciated by others as well. Again, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Why be put in a style box? Be who you want; isn’t that what SL is about?

    I would suggest to those who continue to write bad about Wena, or others, to find a life, preferably in RL, but at least one in SL, and do something constructive with it. You only dishonor yourself by these attacks. Lets be done with this nonsense and move on to more important things, like, where can we find some really good hair?

    Krystanna Wycliffe

  47. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    Great job with the Maseno show at Fashionista everyone. The set by Wena was stunning. The models were amazing. And Rhi did a spectacular job producing the show.

    We had almost 17,000 traffic for the show, so thanks to everyone for a great turnout.

    Most importantly, after this show Maseno was nearing the 1.2 million linden mark (I think that’s about $5,000 USD), and they had one more yesterday.

    So a big thanks to Mimmi especially for all her philanthropy. That should make such a difference to that orphanage in Africa.

    Big hugs to all.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    This issue was brought up in SE Agency Report since Wenadrenia was hired as GM. As a SL Model, I cannot even compare Wena to Mimmi or Kay or Tabata.
    In fact, if some of these comments were referring to any of these three SL Models or other good ones, I would understand the “jealousy” part. Mimmi, Kay and Tabata ARE actually very good SL Models. Wena is not in this category at all. What is there to be jealous about in Wena’s case? And I’m talking professionally, from what I’ve seen on the runways. In SL Fashion World is not so good to be known and talked about for these reasons. Our work is based on our reputation. If I were a Model Agency CEO, honestly I wouldn’t hire her as a Model. Wena doesn’t have a style of her own, there are tons of models like her, people that can pose, walk straight, etc. But there is more to it in Fashion, much more.
    If this issue was brought up, maybe people should consider thinking about it, especially Wena herself.
    Have you heard comments like this about Mimmi or Kay, even anonymous? No. Simply, because, they take good care of their reputation, they are approachable people, they are polite. Once you start getting in contact with Wena, time will tell, you will see for yourselves and will have your own opinion.
    I, myself, fear for SE though, because I have many friends there!

  49. anonymous Says:

    First, i can understand why people are anonymous, not because they are telling lies but because if they were to say truthful things regarding well known models…it is very likely they will never be employed as a model again.
    Second, I have never attended this academy or agency but do have friends who have, some with very positive experiences and some very negative. However I have met the GM from SE on two occasions in the last year and on each occasion I found her to be arrogant, obnoxious and quite rude to less known models. I myself am very thick skinned and can deal with this but I do know people who have been quite upset by her attitude. Instead of going to a group chat and complaining about this website and showing a very ugly side to the whole of SL modeling, her time may be better spent examining herself and looking at why people feel like this around her.
    This is a very good tool for letting other people know of their experiences good and bad, rather than fellow employees getting involved in all this negative speech, it would make more sense for them to take on board these comments in a professional way and realise there is some kind of problem, so it can be looked into it more closly and monitored. We were all unknown models at one point in SL and to treat new/less known models with disrespect is just not on and needs to be acknowledged.
    I have saw quite a lot of ugliness from well known people lately, not just on this report but also in group chats and it is not a pretty side to what should be a professional and fun environment.

  50. Maribel Penucca Says:

    Hi …. I will not add much to all of this nonsense except to say i am new here. And Mimmi, Wena, Kay, so many could mention here work hard to be what they are. The way you find this out is to try and do something yourself and you realize how hard they work. I do not believe any of it and hope all can move on and continue on in this fasinating world. Make things happen, memories, use your talents, move forward and make good things happen. You guys are the best and I am continually amazed at what you do and your talent.

  51. Kylie Balogh Says:

    Re: SE MODEL Says: May 4, 2009 at 3:07 pm :
    …..I have been a SE Model for months and no work. Seems they only cast their FAV’s in shows. I haven’t been to any castings except Pop Tarts, and again, the fav’s were picked…..

    Sorry “SE Model” but welcome to the hyper-competitive world of SL Modeling. All of us can understand your frustration: been there – felt that.

    As for Pop Tarts: I did the casting and selected models that came prepared and fit my requirements. Of the 7 models I picked, there are 4 I never met or worked with before this show. The only favoritism I’m guilty of is the preference I gave SE Models and Students. (my choice, not an SE rule and clearly noted in all the posted notices).

    RE: Your comments:
    …..”And WHY is our SE website plastered with Wena?! Enough! Show all you models, not just your fav’s…..”

    Since it’s inception in November of 2008, there have been 88 total posts. Of those, 23 have been devoted to a specific individual. And, how many of those 23 are devoted to Wena? A grand total of 2.

    Re: your comments:
    …..If this continues I will leave…..

    If you really are as thin-skinned as your posting suggests, perhaps you should consider another career path.

  52. Yasmine Kidd Says:

    I appreciate all the positive comments about the agency. So nice to hear! And of course there are always things we can do better.

    Good idea to be more transparent about how we choose models. We actually spend a lot of time trying to rotate models in an effort to be fair. But we’ll work harder at this and do more calls, I think. I don’t want favoratism. Just quality.

    How great to see so many at the agency come to Wena’s defense. You are good people and real friends. As most of you know, I chose Wena because nobody works harder in SL, she has a unique skillset, and she has the respect of the models and our core team. And me.

    We did the story about our new GM. And the day we posted it, she won Miss Virtual World. So we posted that too because we are proud of all our model’s accomplishments. And it was my idea, not Wena’s, to run the story. (On the plus side, great to see people are reading the blog!! Whooo!). We’re always happy to write about your accomplishments. And every week we run an article about our Model of the Week.

    Thanks to whoever posted that for letting us clear the air. I hope in the future though, we don’t get so caught up in one negative blog post. Be confident.

    You all work so hard and you try so hard to do fresh things every time out.

    That will always show itself in the end.

    Big hugs to all.


  53. Nani Wrigglesworth Says:

    Okay enough of this talk. Obviously you feel the need to bash SE and Wena. If you feel cheated by the agency in anyway I think the matter should be brought to one of us. Yasmine I am sure would be glad to speak to you personally. Don’t make this uglier then it already is. I feel that this is being a coward. Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions, but this is getting ridiculous.

  54. SE MODEL Says:

    I have been a SE Model for months and no work. Seems they only cast their FAV’s in shows. I haven’t been to any castings except Pop Tarts, and again, the fav’s were picked. Why not give us newer models a chance? Why hire sooo many models who are just as good, and not use them?

    And WHY is our SE website plastered with Wena?! Enough! Show all you models, not just your fav’s.

    If this continues I will leave. I see other models getting steady print and runway work at the “lesser” agencies. SAD!!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know too much about SuperElite Modeling Agency, but I do know Wena and she is a beautiful and genuine person. She works hard to please her superiors, she is a great stylist and she knows how to work a crowd. All in All she *SHINES*. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best in your field or at least trying to get there. And as for talking behind someone’s back , I am sure you all have done that from time to time throughout your life time. No one can throw stones at her or anybody else for that matter. Anyway, how did you all find out she was talking about you in the first place since its suppose to be behind your back? I take it that someone else was instigating the whole situation and turned their backs on Wena to make you dislike her and guess what? They succeeded. Instead of you going to Wena and talking to her about the situation YOU decided to take it upon yourself to dislike her. WHY? That’s something you need to ask yourself. Wena is a big hearted person and you should get to know her before you throw any stones at her. Maybe she can teach you how to get where she is… *The Top* baby, right along with Mimmi Boa.

    Take this as mere advice.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not always jealousy that fuels comments.. you’d be surprised at how those you think are so nice talk about you behind your back.

    Just as there are many chat logs that can be shown to say nothing but the best, there are many that can show not nice things as well.

    just because someone is ‘nice’ to your face .. doesn’t mean they don’t talk about you when you’re not around. The new GM is no different. People use others to get ahead and maniuplate indescretely — so be aware that it’s happening to you as well.

    Be careful who manages the agency .. it can go down as a result.

  57. Lillian Wiefel Says:

    I too know the GM – and I don’t suffer fools wisely -and I can tell you that she is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met in SL. What you see is what you get. If it were permissible, I’d show you chat logs with WELL KNOWN models that have nothing good to say about her because they are blinded by jealousy. And I suspect that those same people are leaving the snarky comments. I am honored to call Wena and Jens my friends. And I’m thrilled for the team at SE to have her.

  58. Sami Kutanaga Says:

    After my 1st comment didn’t post but feel that I still need to make my feelings known. I have been part of the SuperEilte management for a very long time and I have had also had the good fortune to work with and call both Wena (the new GM) and Mimmi friends. There is a reason that both of these women are at the top of their games and have the titles and jobs they to, they work their rear ends off. They only seem tireless because they put a 100% effort into every single thing they do.

    I have found just the opposite of what has been said about them, they are always busy YES, but they always find time to help others when in need. What I have learned as a model and model trainer is that it takes a lot of work, time, and effort to reach levels that Mimmi and Wena have.

  59. mimmi boa Says:

    Again i have to talk to a paeron who has not the courage to show its face.
    I’m in SuperElite from lot of time and i work good and pacefully with them
    The new GM is a good friend of me and, i repeat, we are friends!
    I’m Miss Virtual World and she won another contest so what’s wrong? I don’t see the bad in it!
    My behaviour with people is the conseguence of their action to me and the Supereite’s GM was and still be always friendly to me and ready to help!

  60. Anonymous Says:

    I do know the new “GM” .. and her personality not exactly well respected. She’s one who talks behind people’s backs and thinks the SL world will now revolve around her as she thinks she’s already earned the new title of Miss Virtual World. It’s unfortunate .. she is trying to be everywhere and be recognized. What is being recognized is her personality to be a spiteful person who talks behind people’s backs. It’s a shame that this GM is now going to be running SE which had the potential to do really great things.

  61. Sami Kutanaga Says:

    I recently was a part of the management at SuperElite and still remain as part of the SE team. I want to say I agree with Nani’s comments on our new GM and that she has worked hard to achieve what she done, as have many other models who have reached the level she has. I want to say how fortunate I was to work the team at SE from Mimmi and Isabel (two of the top models ever in SL), to Yasmine, Wena, Lorelei, and Nani who will continue that tradition of a great agency.

  62. Nani Wrigglesworth Says:

    Okay I’m not sure who left those ugly comments but the new GM is a kind and wonderful person. She works hard and puts forth so much for the agency, her friends, and others who need help. So before you judge her. Get to know her.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with this last comment.
    Unfortunately, SE is now in the hands of a self centered GM.
    I fear for SE, I really do! It’s a pity…

  64. Anonymous Says:

    With the new management changes .. this may change a really great agency and not for the better. The new “GM” has a huge ego and already thinks she can fill Mimmi Boa’s shoes as Miss VW.. too bad her personality will shine through and ruin a great agency.

  65. CandiO Contepomi Says:

    Not much to say that hasn’t been said already. I have taken the Advanced and the Elite classes. All of the instructors were awesome and the guest speakers fantastic. I had the pleasure of being instructed by Nani Wrigglesworth and Mimmi Boa for my Elite class. For the advanced class I had Krystanna Wycliffe. If you decide to take classes SuperElite’s is worth the Lindens your going to spend.

  66. Ocean Miami Says:

    I too attended the “Elite” Class at SE with my teacher Isabel Brocco, and my mentor Sami Kutanaga and Kimberly and Lorelei and Nina (oh what GREAT trainers they are: nice ladies, kind kind souls, great models and a true pleasure to be be around, all around:) Graduated today! (hehe:) We did an excellent grad show on the AWESOME marble runway at fashionista along with my friends Angel, Kendall, Rouge, Glitter, Cate, Mystre, and Lore, and we all had the time of our lives -despite the full sim and the crashes on the runway lol! But my gosh, kindness and compassion from our teachers & stage managers DOES make a difference when you’re about to walk a runway in a full sim! And our teachers were not only competent but also kind to us.. so we gave them 200% of ourselves, and did a good show for the audience.. and that boys and girls is how it works.. and the only way it works:)

  67. Tempest Rosca Says:

    Had a wonderful time at this agency – I was in the ‘elite’ class and we were lucky to have some amazing guest speakers who shared with us their own experiences and tips on how to make it as a ‘top’ model. Everyone is friendly and approachable – highly recommended 🙂

  68. Glitter Bolissima Says:

    I agree 100% with Sparkie below! I LOVE SuperElite! Awesome teachers who go the extra mile. They have patience and love what they do.

    The CEO Yasmine is down to earth and so friendly. They have the greatest runway shows and have fun doing it.

    I can’t give them enough compliments so I will end here 🙂

    Thank you SuperElite!

  69. Sparkie Says:

    Join this agency’s academy!!! Why?? cos it’s fantastic!!

    The classes are split into three levels, beginner, advanced and elite. You must pass the advanced class before accepted on elite (I think, so check that out) and once pass elite you get hired by the agency itself.

    Everyone, including the ceo are very friendly and approachable, excellent facilities for models. But what impressed me the most is the dedication of all the instructors.

    I was probably the worst student in the class, couldn’t get the hang of the runway, and my styling skills were worse than useless!!! But not by the end of the advanced class!!!

    The instructers where very patient with me, allowing us to use there own private runway to practice. And even spent an extra few hours one on one with me, taking me shopping – I was shown what to look for in skins, hair, clothes and stuff and had a lot of help and advice in styling my AV. All done in the instructers own time.

    As far as I’m concerned, thats what makes a great Instructer so……

    Krystyanna Wycliffe THANK YOU!!!!

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