4 Responses to “The Model Book (4)”

  1. An observer Says:

    I saw some of the things that were going on with this show and so I thought I would comment on the subject. I will be very careful in what I say as I don’t want to get anyone into trouble. The owner did indeed break promises and treat those underneath her with contempt. From what I saw she acted unprofessionally and immaturely. There is a lot of money outstanding from this show that will never been seen. I would strongly suggest giving this agency a wide berth.

  2. Another Disappointed Model Says:

    I completely agree with DM and Edwina. This agency should be dismantled or taken over by another CEO and completely revamped. The Model Book is very unorganized. Most of the models are new and organization should be the upmost importance.This should’ve been a wonderful experience for the first time model, instead there were models that said they would never model again after their experience.
    The Model Book could have had potential,unfortunately I don’t see that happening unless there is a major change on handling this agency.
    My advice..Keep Away!

  3. Disappointed Model Says:

    Horribly unprofessional.
    Completely unorganized.
    Promises were broken.
    And its a shame because there could have been potential. There were so many times models were frustrated. Some models only recieved the walk order an hour before the show.
    The model book is a great idea. But honestly its just a huge waste of time. Seriously, stay away.
    Best of luck next time. :/

  4. Edwina Says:

    I was a model for the model book. OMG what a joke! The owner treats all models like they have no brain, is rude to everyone including staff that work for her or who have worked for her. And from what i hear on the grape vine is that she even managed to screw the money and staff over payment for the shows they did.

    I understand not all agencies pay models for the work they do, but the payment was set out and failed to appear on completeion of the shows. And when it did get paid it was a lot less then what people were told they would get.

    My advice, which does not have to be taken is get the hell out of the group.

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