8 Responses to “The Vangee Agency / Gia Puddles (7)”

  1. | [Donnatella Couturier] | Says:

    O.o Dear Herra,

    Elite Model Management is a RL Mega Modelling Agency.

  2. Herra Says:

    It could very well be the same person. Since Gia is exposed she’ll use another account and keep at the scam. Probably just floats around 5-6 accounts seeing if he/she can scam a few people.

    Just makes me sick!

  3. Rouge Anthony Says:

    Elite is the agency that Ms. Ruby was representing as well. It looked liked she had copied the logo from the actual Elite group and just inverted the colors. There IS an Elite group that was active at that time but she is not a part of that group.

  4. Herra Says:

    Just a warning, Gia’s agency is now called “Elite Model Management”. I noticed that she’ll join various fashion groups and start spamming those groups to join her agency.

    Seriously, before you give ANYONE one cent of your hard earned Lindens look at the profile. People who are working in the industry build a resume on their profile. Does anyone want to fork over $8k to someone with no profile?

  5. Rouge Anthony Says:

    The story on the website sounds a lot like an interaction I had with someone named hennesey Ruby late last fall/early spring. There was a shoot coming up on Monday that I needed to pay for classes for immediately. She “only” wanted 5K lindens I think but the story didn’t sound legit. The agency she represented had an eerily similar logo to an actual SL agency whose CEO had never heard of her. I asked her to have the night to consult a friend and she agreed but stressed I would miss out on the opportunity to get all of my money back on the first shoot. The numbers didn’t add up so I was planning on ignoring it after that but I heard from her the next day to sign on up. I declined and she seemed to get flustered and accused me of punishing her for being a new agency. We all have to be very careful, if it sounds too good to be true we kinda have to go with that. I’d love to make a few thousand lindens a shoot but new models are hardly ever that lucky.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Sadly, Gia has just yesterday scammed two people I know for 16k lindens. She claimed to know an agency owner who has been out of world due to a health issue, and that said agency owner asked her, Gia, to get some work for the two people. Sadly, they are new to modeling and did not know any better. *WHY* does LL not put a stop to this avatar???

  7. Herra Says:

    If I could give a <than 1 vote I would. But too many models have been scammed. Her trick is simple – she promises that she has contracts with top designer and will toss out big names like BOSL, JCNY, Leezu Baxter and Stiletto Moody. And then she will talk about the really big fees you will get paid ($2000 for print ads and $5000 for runway).

    Once she gets you excited about the promise of a great job she'll drop the *bomb* – she says that for you to be added you need to pay $8000-$15000 right now to join. She may even coddle you by saying "Oh you have had some training so I'll put you thru the Super Model training course" which will be a much higher fee.

    DO not trust her or anyone who makes these promises!

  8. agencyreport Says:

    Copied and Pasted from an in-world notice:

    Gia Puddles is back. She pries on models promising them a great modeling career. All she will do is take your money, lots of it and give you nothing. This was an article that Jula Carnell wrote about her conversations with Gia:

    Never EVER give your money over to someone who does not have something to show for it. If you have doubts – then ask. Gia could easily switch names or others may do the same. Thank you!!!!!

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