16 Responses to “TnT Modeling Agency and Academy (16)”

  1. Suleiman Tuqiri Says:

    To clear the record regarding anything posted here concerning the “Ghost Face Riders” 1%MC. I am the founder. Let me make this perfectly clear to the anonymous spineless gutless moron s.o.b. who posted here. We never have and never will have the need to hire strippers for our MC. Tia has never and never will strip in our home. All you have done here is two things. One, shown how misinformed you are and two that you are merely someone’s child who’s gotten onto the family computer when your parents are out and the badysitter is sleeping. My counsel for you is simple. You are a lyer or just a nieve gossip hound – either way, spend more time building something for yourself and less time trying to tare down the success of others. Tia well done and keep up the good work.

    Your Friend,
    Suleiman Tuqiri, GFR 1%MC Founder

  2. Tia Ryba Says:

    Thank you so much for all the kind words Pae, knowing me Pre-SL you do know me better than most and I have always taken pride in my work in SL and in the fact that I (until now) have managed to stay neutral and steer clear of the petty drama.

    Thanks again pae, you’re a fabulous boss to work for 🙂

  3. Some facts:

    1. Tia takes whatever it is she takes to task seriously and she is very diligent in her commitments. She always has and I have known her PRE-SL.

    2. I also know Tia to be one of the most honest, if not one of the most blunt people in SL. She stays pretty positive in such a negative world and that is no small feat.

    3. Tia is a NYMPHETAMINE Model (you spelled it correctly Anonymous.)and is one of my BEST models. She is also without a doubt one of the most reliable.
    She always treats my customers respectfully, and she brings to the job, a air of professionalism and class. As long as she is doing her job well for me, I could care less if she was peddling ass, let alone stripping. Actually, I think I have a few strippers in my modeling group but they are not allowed to be associated with BLACK HILLS CAVERN TAVERN as it is a conflict of interest.

    4. Who’s business as to your personal preferences is it anyway? They aren’t paying your membership fee’s, or your tier.

    5. The one to throw the first stone is usually the one who did exactly what they accuse you of.

    Don’t give the haters the time of day Tia. Take it from one who knows. If you are successful in business on SL the haters crawl out of the wood work when the lights are off in feeble attempts at trying to steal your thunder, or to tarnish your reputation.

    I have a awesome group of girls who model in my store and I wish I had 20 more Tia’s. 🙂

  4. Tia Ryba Says:

    Hmmm ok adressing the comment from the spineless person without the balls to put their name on the comment.

    #1 I have no clue where you’re getting your info but I do not strip/dance anywhere.

    #2 Yes I do go over to Ghost Face Riders, it is a motorcycle club and I am friends with it’s owner, no laws broken there. I do not and have never stripped there lol

    #3. Again, I do frequent a biker sim called lil Slurgis which is all owned by friends of mine but again, I do not strip anywhere there.

    #4. I sure would like to know just who is kissing my ass as how? TnT Modeling Agency is pretty much closed due to the fact that I don’t have financial backing/money to toss down the tube like some in here. My Academy is and will remain solid.

    #5. Who’s friggin business is it what I do in SL anyhow? And if, IF I were to strip in here (which about 95% of the female sl population has at one point) I would have the brains enough not to put it on my profile. I teach models and that is one thing I tell them, I don’t care what they do on their time, just don’t advertise it on your profile if you’re serious about modeling.

    #6. I am soooo not into drama and rarely look at this site but I do have it set to notify me of posts regarding my business. If anyone has an issue with me, please have the balls to IM me in game and say so. I’m guessing it’s just someone showing a bit of jealousy.

    And besides, I wouldn’t use Tia to strip, that’s what alts are for 😛

    So I said my peace. I would love to see *proof* of this if someone has it lol cause I know you don’t without the use of PS

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I agree. So what if a model or a CEO or whoever is a stripper? as long as they dojnt blatantly show it (making sure it isnt shown in profile) its fine, especially if money is tight, as models arent paid a lot of the time for some shows, except in clothes.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It is amazing how so many just kiss ass to an agency that has a CEO who is a stripper. Tia Ryba works as a stripper for a group called the “Ghost Face Riders” that’s right. She also strips at a Biker Location close to nymphetamine or something like that. Go Check Her Out.. The proof is in the seeing.

  7. Tia Ryba Says:

    I would like to address the comment from No-Name regarding graduating from my modeling academy. First…..it does state right on my enrollment application that completed the course does not guarantee you jobs. We are not a job placement program. Second……We are not one of the big modeling academies charging 10,000L for these classes. If I was, then yea, I would expect to get some work upon completion. Many of my graduates are working and doing very well for themselves. But you know, just like RL jobs, they do not come looking for you. Regardless of your training, a model must get out there and beat that sl pavement so to speak, apply for jobs, attend casting calls, pay 50L week and place a classified ad for your modeling services. My academy for the price you pay I feel is very fair. I teach you from the basics of editing prims to walking the runway. You may want to join some of the groups (which is also mentioned in classes) such as Models Looking for work, StarWalkers, etc which put out notices about open castings for jobs.
    And it’s always nice that people cannot put their names on these and hide behind *no name*.
    I thank you for your comments no name but really suggest that you do some work on your own to find jobs in SL

    I wish you much success with your modeling career.

    Tia Ryba
    TnT Modeling Academy CEO

  8. No Name Says:

    I graduated from there and I wished I could get more work than I did. What a waste of money

  9. Tia Ryba Says:

    Awww thanks so much Amber for your wonderful words. You know I’ll always be there to support you in any way I can. I am very proud of your accomplishments thus far with getting into BB, auditioning for my show and getting in and everything you plan on doing. I know you will be very successful as you have the right attitude. Keep up the good work and Welcome to our family here at TnT. We’re thrilled to have you.

  10. Amberlea Nitly Says:

    Hello every one, I just finished the TnT modeling classes with Tia, It was a great time and I loved all the attention Tia gave each and everyone one of her students in and out of the class room. She is a very supporting person and a model who is a great role model. I would love to be in her agency just because she is so honest and tells it like it is. I am planning to continue me modeling education and I know she will support me in this too. I look forward to her shows and of course the one I am in. I am a model after all lol. Go to TnT you won’t regret it.

  11. Katherine Comet Says:

    I can honestly say I am VERY pleased to be modeling for TnT. My experience with Tia from the first day I met her has been very professional and straight forward.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to work with everyone at TnT and can’t wait for more opportunities to participate in other shows or even observe them as a member of the audience. Either way…they are first class!

    Thanks Tia!

  12. Tia Ryba Says:

    I would also like to say a big thank you to all of my models who walked in our grand opening show on Sat. Aug 15th. We crashed the sim once and before that lag was killing us but you guys worked thru it like the professionals you are. I’m very proud to say you are part of the TnT Modeling team. We have some great things in the works so stay tuned.
    Also, thank you to all the supporters who came out for the show and those who returned after the crash and to the fabulous designers we featured. 🙂

  13. Tia Ryba Says:

    Awww ty Queen, we’ve very please to have you on our team. hugs 🙂

  14. The offices and runway of TnT are beautiful and look very professional. The grand opening fashion show was great. I am very happy to be a part of this agency.

  15. Tia Ryba Says:

    Awww thank you for the wonderful comment Xilion, I strive to make it a homey, friendly yet professional atmosphere.

  16. Xilion Iceberg Says:

    This particular agency does not only look VERY professional, but also is very friendly to anyone who enters their offices. Smooth design and a great and friendly atmosphere make this agency my top-of-the-list choice!

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