3 Responses to “Twisted Rose Fashion Agency (3)”

  1. Anita Claven and ChloeRose Constantine Says:

    Amanda for very obvious reasons is not welcome with us. As for models we will be giving all girls a fair chance, males to of course. However considering we have no affiliation with said groups I do hope you do not mean to bring those groups drama here. We are looking to start on the right feet and do not wish it start with wrongly appointed drama.

  2. NastyFall Starfall Says:

    Good Luck! I hear Amanda is looking for work, any chance she will become a model at Twisted?

  3. Anita Claven and ChloeRose Constantine Says:

    We told you we were going to open our own ūüôā We are currently in Sim building process but we already have an exciting show line in the works. Our debut show were aiming for mid march. We are just working out the sponsor details and then we will be holding a casting for the models. Easy Peasy. As for future shows, we are looking at holding a Domestic Violence Awareness show mid april/june … we have a few things up our sleeves rest assured ūüôā Were looking forward to working with all of you in the fashion world!

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