Post below your comments about Aurora Photography Studio. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

4 Responses to “Aurora Photography Studios (4)”

  1. aurora Says:

    Beautiful pics! Love them

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Harmony is a great person, I’ll have that to say about her. But I was a bit takenback at the harsh policies set by Aurora. Forcing people to attend weekly meetings and then booting them because god forbid something came up in RL (btw meetings are schedule Friday Night when many time RL opportunities come up). That doesn’t mean anyone is any less of a model.

    I was also taken aback at the 3 gifts sent out by the agency that consisted of stolen skins from Obscene, Redgrave and hairstyles from Detour. Yes, I know the stolen materials are floating around everywhere in the modeling industry and I’m sure if someone looked in my inventory they might fight a few things. But for an agency to advocate sending these items out through a group notice is just wrong.

  3. Charlie Absent Says:

    Defintely Love Aurora Studios. I was recently signed as a model for them and I love Harmony. People need to know she’s a free spirit and very goal oriented. She has build an empire and will continue to do so whether people like it or not. Persistence is defintely the Key for Harmony.

  4. HarmonyJade Yifu Says:

    Well I just found out today that Aurora Studios is on this list. First off I want to thank the web host for placing me on this list. As far as everything else is concerned. Love me or Hate me I will still keeping doing what I am doing. I offer a weekly contest where I give the selected model of the week 500 L, and then they model for one or more of my print ads for my store Aurora that following week. People may say I am a bitch because I eject model out of the group from time to time, my reasoning for that is because when they join I give them a FREE headshot done, and I am basically filtering out any of those people who just want to say they are a model but never seem to put forth the extra effort. I try my best to give the models work and I pay my models or give them items modeled, but like 75% or more they are paid and keep the items modeled. The managers in the studios are not paid hourly/weekly but they are paid paid for each thing they do and that varies. I try my best to get as much input from the model on anything they would like to see change or added and so forth. I am very please with the batch of models and managers I have right now and would recommend any of them in a hear beat. Again love aurora studios or hate aurora studios, aurora studios will be here for as long as my brain can handle it… hug* HarmonyJade Yifu—Owner of Aurora Studios

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