4 Responses to “OGlam/Outrageous Glamour”

  1. Vixie Rayna Says:

    Just read this reply… Anon of course. Everyone loves to hide behind the screen I suppose. Typical. You try to pretend you know those involved… Interesting as you obviously missed the group notices that were sent out at the time… OGlam Sim along with MANY others were reclaimed by Linden Labs when the sim OWNER, Relic Starbrook of Royal Properties left SL without warning. HUNDREDS of residents and business owners were affected. OGlam had paid tiers for the next month only one day before our sim disappeared. The only drama I can think of is the huge uproar that was caused by Royal Properties folding. Sorry to disappoint your hunger for drama. OGlam is alive, but everyone needs a break. Thanks for your thoughtful concern!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Oglam or Opretentious ? I never saw a agency filled with so many big ego’s.It seems like that same group is moving on to Maniera.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The owner of Oglam was a barking orders tyrant, most of his former staff probably wouldn’t agree simply because he picked people who had crushes on him so be could manipulate them. For shame… What the hell happened thought? No warnings designers losing money at the Oglam mall, sim being returned without warning? For someone who acted like he was the most relevant agency owner in sl you’d think business would have been handled better, but, I guess when you try and use a prim dick for payment instead of actual hard work and lindens, you end up getting screwed in the end.

  3. Fashion Critique Says:

    What happened to OG?? They are lost after too much drama….

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