17 Responses to “Ultimate Exposure Modeling Agency & Academy [UEMA] (4)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Another “model agency” and another owner with a bunch of alts that goes off the radar and leaves the students hanging, Violet you are a thief, illiterate and low. I wish for you in both rl and sl double what you have done to others.

    • Well, sadly I just seen this because number one I am NOT a thief and my alts are none of your concern…The people who need to know them, know them and the ones that don’t don’t have a need to know them so…If you don’t know my alts you have no right speaking ill of alts that are owned by another. I never left anyone hanging, I was not a trainer so there for you can not say I left students hanging. Illiterate huh lol that’s the pot calling the kettle black…Seems your the one that’s posting Anonymously not me. And if your one of the ones that is salty over closing of UEMA well allow me to enlighten you just a fair bit….My RL needed me during that period, my intentions were to close after FFL however Bonie and I had a disagreement because he wanted to keep it open while I was dealing with RL, I had no idea on length of time or anything else so Yes I made best choice possible for what was going on in my real life…Do I care if you agree or like it? No, I do not because I don’t live in Secondlife, I play and have fun there and I live in the real world. I’m not socially retarded, I don’t need a video game to validate me as a living breathing human being. Technically it is no ones business what was going on in my RL at that given time and I don’t feel as I owe anyone an explanation or anything else. And for your little sarcastic wish for my RL and SL back to you baby…Don’t come at me assuming you know the reasons for UEMA’S closure because you don’t and you won’t. And just so you know….Bonie and I have reconciled our disagreements and we are still friends so your little fit of anger doesn’t bother me in the least. If you were HALF the model you claim you wanted to be or are then you could be a big boy or big girl you’d suck it up that people do have a real life and pull your panties up and chalk it up to reasons unknown due to Real life…As it WAS stated in the notice that went out in ALL groups prior to the free for all that was a bunch of bologna in the first place *nothing but drama brought on by a bunch of know it alls that knew NOTHING). It was MY agency not Bonie’s or anyone else’s I made overall final decisions contrary to what anyone thought. Bonie is doing fine with his own agency and I’m glad he is doing well. Morale of the story….GROW UP and stop whining over a virtual world and here’s a thought…Go outside in real life and smell the roses you might find the Fragrance to be rather sweet. All I can say to you is if your so childish to wish someone death and illness then you are lower than the dirt you walk upon, I was dealing with illness and a death at that time so now…Stick that in your crooked little cap and pick on someone for a legit reason, CASE CLOSED.

  2. MEB Fashion got a show with UEMA yesterday. UEMA management had had a lot of care in preparing it in advance, starting more than a month ago. The show has been almost perfect: no lag, a great set, good choreo and sparkling hosting. Models have been very accurate in styling, clever on the runway, lovely and passionate with the clothes. A very good service, due to a good management and to a wise choice of models. MEB thanks this agency a lot.

    Melusina Parkin
    MEB Fashion CEO

  3. Anonymous Says:

    For the record, since I left Uema i have not once said anything about the agency or anything about violet, altho reports that have come back to me seam to think i have, i admit i wasnt on the ball enough to secure the Bliss account and i hold my hands up to that, and yes violet did give me the time to do training in other agencys which was very nice of her,. im glad she has a good team behind her to help her with the agency and all its runnings

    i wish them all the best in there future endevors

    so with this i hope not to see any more negitive feed back from any one involved with or have been involed with Uema..

    all the best


  4. Well, Horru made alot of mistakes however verses getting spun and making allegations against an agency for her own lack of drive she was removed. She Could have easily asked about the Euro training classes, POLITELY verses being harsh tongued but she took it here to grump about. SO, Forbidden covered the schedule bit, thank you Forbidden ūüôā I will say in her defense, Horru has ALOT to learn about the industry she is just as nieve as we all were at one point. She is eager to become a model and sometimes that doesn’t always work to her benefit it comes out as being pushy. I think when Horru grows into her model self she will grow and learn from the past expierences and she may become a good model without the “diva crown”.

  5. anonymous Says:

    you’re not getting it horu is one of those me me me people who think that things revolve around her and thatwe we need to pay attention to her needs she will make a great diva model when she gets started we need more models like this

  6. Vich Says:

    I suppose my only question here is why would the agency even consider rearranging class schedules to suit a student? One doesn’t go to a university and demand they change their schedule because the student can’t get there at the scheduled time. No, the student finds another class that does suit her schedule.

    The schedule is set, the girl paid her money knowing what the class schedule is. If she can’t make it to class, whose fault is it? Her own. No, she’s not entitled to a refund.

  7. Forbidden Blackheart (One of the CEO's of UEMA) Says:

    She DID attended a class and screwed around on the other classes and waste alot of time, she wasted Issy and Violets time as well as other trainees time for2 scheduled classes that she didn’t once show up to so I doubt she was refunded and she shouldn’t have been for the trouble she was. If she read the website it clearly states NO REFUNDS, I dont recall the rest but still reading is an exellent policy on any account. I personally wouldn’t tolerate the attitude that was exhibited myself. I dont feel that telling someone that you can make class now mind you this is a schedule that was posted for her by her to Issy and Violet

    “My times are 10am-11pm. I may make it as late as 2pm if needed though no way on monday.

    Also Sun 6-9am I am busy. Other than that I am happy to make it at times of your choosing.”

    And this was the comment following that schedule when the class was set for 2 pm on the day of the class….

    And the notice being changed to meet that time you then come at Violet & Issy saying
    “I am happy to attend the classes. But you not helping me. I have the chat logs saying to Issy and you when I can make it agreeing at 12 noon Wed. Which the other students couldn’t make it. And therefore changing without asking me again to 2 pm Thu. Then I send the notecard saying I will really try but it will be an one off. Cause I really can’t”.

    Now if you have read it and paid attention to it it clearly states she can and will but wont and dont…..No one has time for that BS.

  8. anonymous Says:

    curious minds want to know if Horu’s tuition getted refunded sinced they couldn’t seem to attend the classes?

    Seems lik the right ting to do

  9. Happy UEMA Trainee Says:

    you can’t possibly expect the modeling industry to meet your standards….You expect it to bow down to you and it will not work that way. Your attitude is deplorable. You said times that you could do classes then said times that was given for the classes was not in your limits. Classes had been juggled and juggled around so many times in one day everyone was confused (other trainees). You try to make it all about you, it isn’t about you not in the slightest it’s about the fashion industry as a whole. Fashion waits for no one either your with it or your not. You will make sacrafices in modeling, if you cant bend to the form your best bet is to save your Lindens and buy some land and make a life and just enjoy SL verses trying to change the modeling industry to suit your schedules and needs. I know for a fact Issy and Violet work hard, I too am in the classes there, I was one of the trainees that was confused, thanks to you.

    I recommend UEMA to anyone who is SERIOUS about modeling they have excellent classes and they are amazing, you’ll understand it all and grasp it. They give you so much more than what you actually pay for. I absolutely love UEMA and I can’t wait till graduation!!

    As long as your seriously interested in modeling UEMA will teach you the proper means to be the best model but you have to want it as well as meet requirements. Your SL experiences are what you make of them, either you want to do things or you want to just waste your time along with others and when you waste others time…You wont see results I personally don’t blame Issy and Violet for bouncing you, I would have bounced you out long before they did.

    This is probably just as well what happened to you in LUSH Academy, they got tired of your attitude and bounced you as well.

    All I can say to you is good luck Horru, I am personally grateful I never met you I would have likely had a few choice words for you had we met. I wish you well in the future, try to make yourself a better person in the future and handle your modeling like you really are more serious and interested, I’m sure you will get further than you do by trying to change the industry to your liking.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Horru, we bent over backwards to try to accommodate you and throw it back in our faces, you were asked every time when a class schedule was set and you told us you weren’t able to attend them, so how is this our fault, most Agency’s have a set time table with no Flexibility, which means if you don’t attend you don’t pass, ( simple).

    yeah your +9 slt, but so are a lot of Successful models who don’t act like divas and expects everyone to bow down to them, your attitude does need to change to be a Successful model in sl,

    If you had been more Cooperative with the agency and the timetable there wouldn’t have been a problem, but you were not willing to be felxible in any way shape or form,

    Im sorry you had a bad Experience with UEMA, and wish you the best in future ventures

  11. anonymous Says:

    What are you looking for Horru?

    A refund from UEMA? (Did you ask nicely for that?)

    A modeling education? (Lots of other schools out there)

    or just a place to piss and moan? (You did both already)

  12. Horru Darkthief Says:

    I joined UEMA in the beginning of last week having paid my fee for the course. A couple of days ago, I got ejected from the academy. I was told my attitude was wrong, I behaved like a diva, I wasn’t trying to make the class times, and that I was at fault.
    So I found myself at the position of being refused any service and also I did not have my money anymore.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    For someone who tried to run over the management of the agency to open her mouth that is pretty ballsy don’t you think? You really should rethink your word vomit before you throw up next time. You as a model DO NOT take on upper management jobs and do them on your own especially contacting designers arranging them to suit YOUR needs. You made your own problems which is why you were removed. Your a good model however you have the temper of a badger. You don’t have right’s to bestow demands on an agency or threaten to leave if you don’t get your way. You really shouldn’t harass these girls they work their butts off and do the best they can.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    This agency is disorganized and puts a lot of demands on you. When you are a member you are expected to take on any responsibility they ask without question. Different jobs may be assigned to you with little or no notice. If you want any kind of life in SL, don’t work here.

  15. VioletCrush Says:


  16. Heaven Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed working with these guys they are really a great group of ppl. Very informative, fun, fresh and has some really great idea’s. i will work with them any chance I getand I would definately recomend them. They are well worth it!
    loves, hugs and kisses

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