Post below your comments about Rock Me Amadeus Models. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

5 Responses to “Rock Me Amadeus Models (4)”

  1. Hah Says:

    RMA would have been a nice place to work, lest Amadeus Beattie wasn’t such a raving cunt and drove staff away. 250L a week and one free outfit of those so-so designs (which you will see much better made at other stores, I might add) are not worth having to deal with her on a regular basis.

  2. Sugarplum Says:

    Just so you know, I have every right to stand in a store in SL just as I do in RL. I can stand there all day if I’d like to as long as I’m not shoplifting in RL or copybotting in SL. Where in the TOS does it say we’re only allowed a certain amount of time in an establishment in SL? As far as my typing skills, I can type over 90 words per minute so there goes your theory! You’ve never been IM’d to high heaven at certain times online? Well maybe you haven’t. I don’t know what you do or don’t do in SL or how many friends you have or don’t have.

    Sure, tell me about the specials but I don’t need 5 people telling me as soon as I walk in the door of a store. Make it a rule that if one model spams the specials that the other models don’t do it again….over & over. Obviously if they’re spamming as they are, it is a policy that’s in place. I don’t need to inquire about it.

  3. Anon Says:

    I have to agree with both posters – when I worked at RMA it was a great expereince not only for my career but also for meeting other people and getting the chance to practice my styling using the RMA clothes. The second poster was correct the clothes aren’t up to the quality of some of the top designers but do not propose to be they are great clothes at a reasonable price. The models have knocked back on the ‘spamming’ but need also to tell you of things happening in the store so it is important. I suggest if you are having to answer an IM for longer then ten mins then you do however need some typing classes. The reason why you might be asked if you need help is the store as with many have gone through a spate of copybotting and as such those people who don’t seem to be shopping are perfect candidates for such a thing. I would suggest if you do get this sort of thing in a store you might like to go back outside to finish your conversation before shopping! I wouldnt walk around the stores in RL sitting on my phone texting people as I am sure you wouldn’t. It might be worth while next time before you jump the gun to find out why the policy is so!

    Not impressed

  4. Sugarplum Says:

    I think stores with models are a great feature so you can see how clothes or skins will look and Rock Me is no exception. I like the clothes here even tho it’s definitely not haute couture by any means. Just fun clothes at a decent price.

    However, this store usually has 5 or 6 models at any given time and they ALL spam you as soon as you walk in the door. God forbid you happen to get an IM from a friend because if you stand anywhere in the store too long the models will keep asking if there’s something they can do to help.

    I enjoy seeing how clothes are designed and will look on me but I don’t enjoy being bombarded by “so-called” models spam. My visits here are few & far between because of it. It’s annoying to shop this way as I like peace & quiet when I shop and if I want help, I’ll ask. I don’t need to be reminded to ask for help 50 times while I’m at a store.

  5. Herradura Baar Says:

    Rock Me Amadeus isn’t as much of an agency but a Store that employs models to showcase their clothing and work their fashion shows.

    RMA was the first modeling job I ever held as a model and I have nothing but postive things to say about the people that I worked with. The pay was fair and free clothes were provided as long as you met the minimum requirement each week. I had the opportunity to work with some great models, many who are still there today.

    RMA does require that their store models be active when modeling, which it was difficult sometimes to get my hours in each week. That wasn’t RMA fault but mine. However I left there on a positive note and felt I wanted to share that experience with others.

    Some models might frown upon working as store models seeing them as nothing more than glorified campers. But I think RMA is definately a great modeling opportunity and even provided some runway training for girls who were working their show. If you see RMA hiring, I strongly recommend this as a great opporunity for anyone!

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