Post below your comments about Fashion Trend Group. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

2 Responses to “Fashion Trend Group (2)”

  1. PB Says:

    I am a model for the Fashion Trend group and there is nothing but love here. Madonna does a wonderful job taking anyone with aspirations of becoming a model and giving them the skills they need to start off on the right foot. True this is not an official agency but the Fashion Trend group is as good as, or better than, a lot of agencies out there. Madonna invests the time to create spectacular walks and works with the models to put on the best shows for the designers.

    Personally, I don’t think I would have had the nerve to apply for a modeling job for a prestigious designer without having the training and experience provided within the Fashion Trend group. Oh yes, I did get the job even though there were 300 applicants and only 10 spots available. ūüôā

  2. agencyreport Says:

    Despite we are not a modeling agency in the terms known in SL we are developing our members as models and for free. Why I dont call us an Agency; because we dont charge, we dont have those specific standards other agencies have and we request any model to be a member of our group. We do by monthly and sometimes montly fashion shows just for our approved designers; and the members are the models we use. I train them very fast; give them advice on shape proportions and about other hints important in this career.

    My specialty is doing really difficult walks and to make a fashion show look like a RL one. the only thing i cant use for now is the voice.

    Some of our girls already have achieved some of their goals being hired by other agencies and to be store Models. I hope they comment so you know who they are and what they achieved.

    My reward and goal is that. That my models be seen by agencies and hire them. And even if nobody hire them of if they cant afford an agency; with me they will have work all the time. So they will got the experience, the exposure and the emotions of being in a runway. Some agencies come to me asking for models. Last time all the ones i sent were hired.

    So i am here for those that dont have money to pay for modeling classes and that want to have this experience. So despite not being an agency perse; we would like to be listed as an option for a modeling career in SL. Our website for those that want to take a look is Our group is the most unique and different advertisement group now in SL. Thanks.

    — Madonna Saenz’s comment copied from Add an Agency page

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