Post below your comments about Jenna Coppola Studio. You may post experiences you have had with this agency, as a model, applicant, student, or otherwise. Pros and Cons are welcome.

24 Responses to “Jenna Coppola Studios (21)”

  1. It is nice to read all the comments left here in regards to JCS. It is truly amazing to see how you were all touched by JCS. On John and Jenna’s behalf I’d like to thank you guys for taking the time to post what you have felt about this agency… Thank you so much! We love you guys! 🙂

    -The Hiess family

  2. ROTFL Says:

    Well you can look it up yourself, she’s very much a woman.

  3. Nutella Couturier Says:

    Is Donatella’s new alt a man at least? Or is he still trying to be a woman?

  4. LOL Says:

    Oh my!

    Not Donatella again!

  5. ROTFL Says:

    I think this will be the end of this “agency” cause its now owned by Donnatella Couturier’s alt Florence Rebane. We all know what happens to every thing Donnatella touches, it dies.

  6. A Silent JCS Model Says:

    It’s been one whole year, and JCS is still up and running, due in no small part to the steady and relentless committment put forth by Jenna Coppola and Johnathan Hiess. JCS is an agency that prides itself on helping models achieve their hopes and dreams, but in reality, it is so much more than just an agency. It’s a family.

    A group filled with smiling faces and open hearts, JCS has helped me grow into the type of model that I want to be. I’m not talking about the type of model that can cascade down the runway effortlessly or nail the perfect pose at the right time. I’m talking about the kind of model who is able to believe in herself and her abilities, especially when it seems like absolutely nothing can go right. I have been given an opportunity to achieve a dream I have had ever since I joined SL, and now more than ever, I am ready for it. And I owe it all to Jenna and John, for giving me this chance and for believing in me when no one else did. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    I recommend this agency to anyone and everyone who hopes to be somebody in this industry. It’s a tough industry no doubt, but when you’re surrounded by people like Jenna, John, Diane, Cheryl, Ches, SeaGypsy, Cat, Angel and the whole gang, it makes the journey that much easier. I don’t know them all on a personal level, but they are still special to me, every single member of this agency. And they can be for you too. I highly recommend this family.

    With Love,

    A Silent JCS Model


    A Silent JCS Model.

  7. Kandi Lauria Says:

    JCS was the first agency I contacted when I entered the modeling world and it was the luckiest day of my life!
    the owners and staff are terrific and the models are a wonderful and helpful group of people.

    I cant say enough good things About them

  8. sparkie funizza Says:

    After my post the other day, I think it is only fair to balance things out.

    I have now spoken to John and Toni and it seems there was a silly little misunderstanding due to the summer break, rl issues on all sides and details being way laid – oh the joy of sl!!!

    Anyway, things have been amicably sorted out now and JCS truly is a great agency 😀

  9. sparkie funizza Says:

    Thank you John 😀 I will be in touch very soon.

  10. Herra Says:

    Johnathan, I just wanted you to know you guys do have a great agency. I’m not with JCS anymore due to cutting back on my work; however, I have nothing but positives to say overall about JCS. And I will say this much – JCS does not play favorites when it comes to handing out the jobs. Sure if a specific request is made by the customer that request is filled. But if you stay active in JCS then you will get work when it is scheduled.

  11. Johnathan Hiess Says:

    To Sparkle:

    First on behalf of Jenna Coppola and I johnathan Hiess, allow me to apologise publicly for not meeting with you as said. We have been very proud of having a very good track record. Due to real life circumstances beyond her control, Jenna is at present working through the outworld portion of JCS.

    Yes JCS also operates now in the real world. And the firm is working to meet the demands of our real world clients.

    JCS has in the recent weeks been working on several new publications that have consumed my time in meeting with deadlines.

    At present JCS is taking a summer break to allow its staff, models and photographers time to refresh their batteries so to speak. On a real life note. Our children are also leaving the nest so to speak and going to new schools in the fall. So this summer break for Jenna and I is for time to spend with our kids before we lose track of time and they grow up and out of our lives.

    Despite the summer break contact myself or Jenna’s Executive Assistant Tonit Oh. One of us will meet with you. I will advise Jenna of you and your qualifications.

    And again our sincerest apologies

    John and Jenna

  12. sparkie Says:

    Unfortunately I’m really disappointed with JCS. Just prior to my RL wedding and honeymoon, an interview was arranged for myself with Jenna but due to a storm Jenna was suffering that interview was cancelled.

    This was just 48 hrs prior to my wedding, I stated this very clearly at the time, and pointed out that I am GMT and was not able to stay awake till 6pm slt as that is 2am my time.

    But for whatever reason, A new appointment was never sent to me, although a LM was, I im’d the contact a couple of times asking for a time but was never replied too ;(

    When I returned from my honeymoon, I discovered this contact was no longer on my friends list so I did a search and sent an IM requesting that an interview be arranged, reminding her that the previous interview was cancelled through no fault of anyone’s etc, etc, etc.

    Unfortunately that was a fortnight ago now, and although i’ve tried again since, I’m receiving no response 😦

    I’m feeling really hurt about this as it seems i’ve been penalised for a storm i couldn’t control, my timezone and the fact I got married 😦

    I still would like to be a part of jcs, but somehow now I’ve said all this, I very much doubt it’ll happen, but had to be said.

  13. Glitter Bolissima Says:

    JCS!! Ohhhh I love working here! We all get work, models are rotated fairly. JCS Magazine is great showcasing all the gorgeous models. Now we also have Jenna’s Gems magazine first issue coming soon. I am very proud to be in both first issues, thank you Jonathan & Jenna! Thank you for the cover as well, that was awesome!

    JCS also has monthly meetings to keep us all informed. We are having our first runway show June 27th we are all very excited about.

    JCS even has fun surprises for us, like TP-ing us all to a store and handing us all $500 lindens to shop! Generous caring agency who treats you like family.

    I highly recommend JCS. They also offer modeling classes 🙂

  14. Charli Turbo Says:

    I love JCS. They are very professional and always aim to get their models as much work as they can. Constantly giving us information on contests and organizing photoshoots. I believe the JCS magazine was a great success. The pair are very generous and splurge on their models occasionally. Just like one big happy family. Im so pleased to be a part of their agency. I have met some really inspirational models. Thank you so much Jenna & John!!

  15. Diane Handschuh Says:

    I was honored and thrilled when Jenna selected me to be one of the Models in her agency. Jenna and John are continuously working to present give everyone in this agency the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals. It is wonderful to be a part of this family. Thank You Jenna and Johnathan.

  16. Diane Handschuh Says:

    I am honored to have been selected by Jenna Coppola to be one of her models. It is a wonderful family indeed and they will assist you in advancing your SL Modeling Career.

  17. Alala Jewell Says:

    Both owners the double J J s as well as the rest of the executive and auxiliary staff are all awesome.
    They are professionals knowledgeable about the business and on top of that they are also
    kind and fair to those associated with the agency. I wear my JCS title with pride.

  18. William Zeta Says:

    JCS does some amazing work. Just take a look at some of their photos and you will be impressed with how realistic or artistic they are.

  19. Alala Jewell Says:

    Both owners the double J Js along with the rest of the executive and auxiliary staff are among the best in Second Life. Professional, fair and as an added bonus willing to help their associates and models
    with kindness and honesty. I proudly wear my JCS group tag.

  20. Exstacy Magic Says:

    I recently started working for Jenna and her husband as a photographer, I believe this is one of the best moves I could of made here in SL. I see nothing but success for Jenna Coppola Studios, and I’m honored to be apart of it. Thank you Jenna and Johnathan!!!

  21. Cheryl Genira Says:

    I want to say that Jenna Coppola Studios is the BEST agency in Second Life. This comes from Jenna and her Husband Johnathan treating their models like that are people and showing you can treat the clients and the Models with respect and accomplish a great deal. This agency is very professional but hasnt forgotten the meaning of family and caring. All I can say is that if you ever get a chance to meet the staff at JCS …you will know right away that everything i have said is true

  22. Ches Seriman Says:

    One of the most active Modeling Agencies in SL. I’ve gotten the most modeling Opportunities from them.

  23. Maddie Says:

    I just met Jenna yesterday….and her husband and WOW, they were so friendly and nice. In a world where business can sometimes cause you to forget there are REAL people out there….they’re absolutely amazing. Thank you!!!

  24. Nellie Choche Says:

    JCS is a family. Jenna is a wonderful woman and the opportunity for success is available. Put effort into your SL dreams and JCS can help. Way to go Jenna and John!

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