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  1. Juana Riveros Says:

    Hello , I am having trouble finding a model agencies and i am trying to find information on how to become a model please reply back thank you

    • Exmodel Says:

      The golden days of modelling are over, modelling in SL is dying. All you will find is agencies that are no more than money eating machines that will promise you the stars and will give you nothing in exchange. Whatever is taught in these schools can be learnt alone without much effort
      And style? If you have it, good. Otherwise it can’t be taught, no matter what people say.

  2. Nave Fall Says:

    Kaylenamaria Destiny spoke at Model’s Workshop tonight.

    It was a good talk…………. We were glad she agreed to share her thoughts with us.

    The issue she mentioned about Model’s Rights vs. Designer’s rights could be as spirited a debate as the Paid vs. Free show discussion.

    Do I think models have rights myself. I do. I think they have the right to say “I don’t want to be in that designer’s show.” or “I refuse to change my shape, skin, hair, pose etc.” Once they agree to be in the event it’s out of their hands at that point because the model is NOT the product, the model is the medium. The designer’s work is what the focus should be on not the fancy runway with poofers and fountains in the line of sight, not 12 unrezzed models at once – the designer’s product.

    Feel free to fire at will. I can take it.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

    • Anonymous Says:

      Models are the coat hangers of the designers. They should be taught that at their first class wherever they study. A good model with take a design, style it, change shape if necessary, and find poses and walks to enhance it. A “great” model will do the same, but her personality will shine from the runway and in photos. There are few with that talent.

    • Just a hater Says:

      You are just Nave Fall? Horrible enough!

    • Just a hater Says:

      Just Nave Fall ? I’ts horrible enough tsssss.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful post kaylenamaria.

  4. kaylenamaria Says:

    Ok. I was just made aware of this thread and after reading these posts I felt the need to give my two cents and then be done with it. I’m not here to throw mud, swap words, or anything else of that nature. I plan to hit you with some facts and then my personal opinion to clear up some misunderstandings that everyone seems to have about Divine Dina. I am one of the instructors there and I honestly do not care if my name is posted and banded across all of SL or that I reach some kind of fame or notoriety because my job as it stands with Divine Dina is as a teacher to guide, instruct and help models in furthering their modeling career in the second life fashion industry.

    I am not in this industry to get rich or to have everyone whisper my name. Sounds incredible doesn’t it? A model that actually doesn’t care to be famous! What a shocker! Can it possibly be true? Doesn’t every model in here have dreams of having their name on the edge of everyone’s tongue as it whispers through the hallowed halls of all those fancy fashion stores? Well whether they do or not is of no consequence to me, I can say that much. I don’t pursue this career for anyone else but myself and with the passion to help others. You don’t wish to take any of my classes then fine. But I will not ever have someone devalue my knowledge or what I teach my models and students because whether I’m known by every model in sl or not does not mean that my knowledge and teachings are any less true.

    I for one use not only what I have been taught in previous training classes with instructors and well established models but also what I have learned just by the experiences I have gained, people I have talked to, and observed in this industry during my time here. Ask ANY of my students about my courses and what I teach and whether they find it helpful or not. I have had established models take my class and tell me they’ve learned something new. Nave I do invite you to come look into one of my classes to see what I teach and how I teach because I’m confident in my work and knowledge. Now does that mean I know absolutely everything about the modeling industry? No. Why? Because this industry is always changing and evolving with new techniques, rules, customs, etc. As models we were all once doing it only manually with very crappy outfits and now we have modeling AOs and huddles, new technology that changes the game as we go on, learn more, and grow. I’m not so arrogant to say that I know everything that there is possible to know. Even REAL teachers have to continually go to school to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about what they teach- same principle. I strive to be my very best, to constantly learn new techniques, customs, norms, etc to not only help myself in this business but other models as well. Teaching is my passion- period.

    Now to address a few things about Divine Dina.

    1. To call Divine Dina Agency a scam is completely harsh, untrue and unnecessary. It’s also slanderous against then as they do not steal your money and give you NOTHING in return. They do not lie about what you will receive in the agency. The photo is what their photographer charges DD so they in effect make NO profit off of that photo and she does absolutely amazing work with morphing and puts tremendous effort into her work. As stated above my knowledge and classes have been valuable to many a model in this industry and I’ve noticed that even established models do not know the basics of being professional in presenting themselves in person or on paper. I bring professional business ethics that I have learned and stand by in real life to my modeling classes.

    2. Yes DD does cater primarily to designers that create outfits for role-playing- not just Gor as Rev stated below. This was uncharted territory that she felt did not get enough attention and it was a niche she hoped to fill for the industry- to bring the modeling world to them. And I find that for one a commendable effort on her part as it does NOT get a lot of light in the mainstream modeling fashion industry. Not to say that the light hasn’t been passed through there from time to time BUT this was something that she wanted to set her sights on permanently. So if you do not like the idea of modeling with an agency that caters primarily to alternative fashions, styles and cultures then do not bother to apply and keep your slanderous, false and unfounded comments to yourself. Unless you were scammed or did not receive what you were promised the word “scam” does not apply in this instance.

    3. You do not like the fee? Do not apply. Plain and simple. The agency has it’s own fees in teir, paying employees, the photographer, advertising, etc. And it’s also annoying to go through so many applications that so called “models” send in that believe that DD is some kind of joke because it caters to alternative fashions and customs of the industry. They are looking for real SL models that want to do real talented and hard work to make the agency better and to build it’s reputation to it’s highest- not bad mannered and rude Divas that believe that because it’s a different custom and style that they do not understand that the agency does not deserve the same integrity, dedication, and professionalism that any other mainstream agencies receives in this industry. That is one thing I find disgusting, appalling and unprofessional.

    Now as I stated before this post isn’t aimed at anyone specifically but to set a few things on the record straight because I am sick of people calling Rev a scam artist when I know how hard she works to build up this agency and the trials and things she has had to fight against and through. It makes me sick to have her name or the name of DD slandered when they have done nothing wrong or what the accusers are claiming. She works incredibly hard and is a great person whom I call a friend as well as employer.

    By the way I’m not afraid to put my name on this post to let everyone for the world to see. I’m good at what I do and the only thing I care about is helping others and knowing the fact that I am doing that is quite enough for me. So do I give a good goddamn whether you have seen my name posted around all of SL? Simple answer. Hell NO. I especially don’t care when the person goes on to say it anonymously. But I will say that knowing that I’ve helped many a model and gotten great positive feedback from every single student I’ve had is a reward in and of itself to me.

    Now I wish all of you the best of luck with your career in whatever endeavors you choose to take on in your second life or real life and hope that you have a blessed life. Have a wonderful day.


    A grown ass woman too old to deal with drama and ready to say what’s on my mind. Bye!

  5. Nave Fall Says:

    This is getting old now…………….


    I didn’t say ONE word about me being anti anything Not Gorean, or Vampire. or Furry, or Neko, or BDSM/ GLT or anything else. I am only anti 3 things: age-play, contest boards and scammers!

    I did say:

    “This stuff is supposed to be amusing. If I don’t amuse you. Mute me (I could say that in MUCH BLUNTER way but I don’t wanna get this post deleted.) I am NOT making anyone read these………..”

    And I said:

    “When I was a vampire I bought the Amulet of Immortality so I wouldn’t have to suck so often. I’m not sure I know where, or how, to find “fresh blood” these days.”

    And I also said:

    “Since they (Divine Dina that is)are “alternatively” oriented will I have to wear a kilt or god help me silks? If I’m red silk am I disqualified btw? “

    Then the best post of all on this thread got written:

    Anonymous Says:

    December 21, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Chill out. If you knew Nave, you’d know that he’s only kidding. Consider yourself punked! LOL

    Soooooooooo there you have it Again.

    Revanna, I will be in touch about attending a class @ Divine Dina. If I knew who the instructors were I’d have an easier time deciding whose class might be the best for me. If one of them is similar in depth of experience to any of the trainers named below I’ll pay for the class:

    Wicca Merlin – Glance
    Glitter Bollisima – C of F
    Lorelei Maggs – SuperElite
    Herradurra Baar – 1 on 1
    Tia Ryba – TnT
    Lifing Krasner – Serenity
    Kandi Lauria – Jenna Coppola Studios
    Rumour Market – Fashion Institute
    Sami Kutanga – Maniera
    Kay Fairey – Wherever she wants be at
    Anyone from Moda since I respect Sharon Schumann’s opinion on that
    and feel I got my $Linden’s worth. Once I see who is teaching what

    So now Revanna, why not tell us who your staff is……………………where their blogs are so we can read them, where we can look at their Flickr photostreams. Those few tidbits should help my, and your other potential customers, decision processes.

    You are so blinded here, by your own sputtering mind you, that you have COMPLETELY missed a glorious opportunity to promote your Divine Dina Agency. You could have spoken to a well-informed, well heeled, sub-group of fashionista-like models and customers without spending 1$Linden. That’s what a market savvy CEO would have done in your place Revanna.

    Kimmera Madison, my boss at Tres Beau, says she’ll spank me for being impertinent to a free woman btw and that if you want Tres Beau to sponsor a graduation show for Divine Dina we will or if you want to do a fashion show with Tres Beau designs to IM either of us. I’d suggest IMing her myself……


    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  6. Revanna Mistwallow Says:

    Nave, I would like it to be very clear to you, that my agency is not Divine Diva, it’s Dina and we are not strictly a Gorean agency. I actually believe it or not have not been involved in Gor within SL since I started my agency back in August and have tried to move away from it. Just because you don’t approve of someone, mainly the owners interests in SL doesn’t mean you should smear it all over a review. I write in the notecard I send out that it started as a Gorean agency, it no longer strictly is.

    I prepare my models with training classes when it comes to styling for any kind of role play wear that they may encounter. I have done a ton of research and I have never personally taken a class like them else where. Also you are more than welcome to attend one of my classes or any of the classes taught by my instructors. They are great people and of course I was upset that you posted how “no” name they are when you don’t even know who they are.

  7. Nave Fall Says:


    I publicized it. There’s a big difference

    Touchy touchy Revanna…………………..

    If you have a problem with people commenting on your SL business, Revanna, and choose to interpret my innuendoes as negative I think that is a personal issue that you need to have tended to. REAL SOON. Why wouldn’t you want your SL business commented upon btw?

    I did you a favor and what do I get? A public flogging from you…………..

    I also know a lot about Gor and John Norman. I read the entire Gor chronicles as a teenage boy. Then the ideas of enslaving, raping and mutilating women provided a vicarious thrill for me and many other boys. That was the pulp fiction market John Norman was churning those books out for btw. I left those kinds of ideas behind many years ago though. I don’t wanna rape and pillage anymore. Really………….. ask anyone. I am so tame these days. I wanna earn $Lindens not steal them from others.

    Soooooooo? Are YOU entitled to be whatever you wish to be in SL. HELL YEAH you are. We all are………. I’ve been to SL’s Gor. I know the difference between white and red silk. I even wear Gorean fashions from time to time. The models who saw me at House of Beningborough in a kilt once upon a time know I look good in Gorean leather, straps, sandals and daggers.

    As far as me being prejudiced against ANYTHING in SL goes, making that assertion is a bit of a stretch. Yes’m, I do have prejudices. I don’t approve of age-play and I don’t like scammers or people who run events where you have to pay to vote. That’s about it for me. Otherwise I’m pretty mellow on things. Hell one, of my billions of alts is an immortal vampire. Katherine could tell you that once upon a time Nave was a pretty little Neko too. I’ve actually worn Tres Beau gowns and had the pics given away by Kimmera on BOSL, to my chagrin…….. so I can take a joke myself. Unlike some people……

    If you want me to review the training provided at Divine Diva invite me to attend. I’ve been through a lot of training and I know what is good and original. DO IT I dare you…………..

    As far as Queenbrat Bracken goes. I know who the anonymous poster was and it wasn’t her. I’ve known Queen since before she was a model. Katherine and I regard her, communally, as one of our best friends. She is a riot to hang out with and has worked very consistently and hard to improve herself as a model for a long time now. I think she has succeeded at it myself. That public accusation was pretty lame but if you’ve read the furnace blast of flaming you received you know by now that a lot of people in here like her……….

    But hey what do I really know?

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Here we go again. People can’t keep their trash talk out of these reports. Grow the hell up People. Especially, you people that keep this childish talk going. All this because of somebody’s post that didn’t know beans about the agency. Shame on you all.

  9. Thoroughly pissed off Says:

    What a despicable person this is. I can’t believe this so called CEO acts no better then a childish teenager to publicly smear an excellent model and a great person as well. I stood clear of Divine Divas when I read their posts and as a model would never join an agency with such an unclear presentation of themselves. I can not believe that you would then persue QueenBrat Bracken inworld to call her a simply revolting name and to tell her to go read what you wrote. That certainly goes to prove that this kindhearted and lovely person would never write such information about your agency on this site if you have to encourage her to go view your handiwork. All I can say to you is that your a malicious human who has nothing better to do then trash another’s name all for gain of publicising your, for want of a better word, agency. I do truly hope that no self respecting model darkens your doors or they too might find themselves at one time in a tirades against their person from you. GO pedal your rubbish elsewhere!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry but you do NOT qualify an apology…. an apology is suppose to be heartfeld and sincere otherwise it is a waste of time and NOT an apology.

    So I suggest you try again … because the word “IF” makes that so called apology a non apology. You seem to jump to wrongful conclusions pretty darn easy.

    I have worked with Queenbrat several times in runway shows and she is extremely professional … she is NOT a gossip as you imply. hmmmm sniff sniff can I smell jealousy on your part perhaps …. and if I do you as an Agency head should be above that and professional.

    State your defense on facts, not on conjecture and gossip otherwise you are doing exactly what you accused Queenbrat of doing!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I see this all the time on agency report. People that have never been a part of an agencies they are posting to, write negative remarks. I don’t know what anyone would take them seriously. The best way to find out if an agency is right for you, is to talk with other members. All agencies have their own standards; if you don’t like this agencies policy then move along. Calling it a scam is not right. If you were in this agency and have proof you were scammed thats one thing, but to say that without proof is just shameful. And he said she said stuff is not credible either. Again, if people on here don’t have first hand knowledge of how an agency is, move along to one you do have knowledge on, or don’t post. It’s that simple. Then maybe this agency report site would be worth looking at. Just my two cents.

  12. Revanna Mistwallow Says:

    If she didn’t do it then I apologise. However the person claiming she talked to me, never did. I save history and unless you were on an alt trying to cause trouble, I don’t think a conversation ever took place where I told you that experianced models had to pay.

    I actually do not force experianced models to pay, although I do recommend some classes if they are lacking in some areas that I feel they are weak in. And yes, most models are not up to my standards that come in for interviews that have completed modeling classes. Why? Because I know that my instructors teach classes that cover the classes that teach the models to be up to my standards as well as the standards some the better agencies have.

  13. Anon Says:

    OMG…LMAO…Thanks for standing up for Queen! You are one hell of a good friend!

  14. QueenBrat Bracken is a good friend of mine, she is professional and if anything she is hard on herself. She strives to be the best she can be. I’ve worked with her many a show, I’ve seen the efforts she displays. She is NOT A DIVA she is a very sweet person and a DAMN GOOD MODEL TOO! Revanna Mistwallow You really need to sit down, breathe and take the knot out of your cyber panties…..Sh doesn’t look to professional. Smearing someone for personal gain is NOT professional. QueenBrat doesn’t gossip and she has better things to do than sit and find ways to attack people who cry I’m a victim, you are wanting something to ravel and cry about. QueenBrat must have been in your sights, presence or whatever when you got slapped so automatically it is her fault, suck it up girlie and take your own criticism. If you have disgruntled others enough to say things that seem tasteless about you or your agency maybe you need a rethink of the person you are not someone who is innocent…I know QueenBrat Bracken didn’t talk smack about you because it was me…
    I believe you owe QueenBrat Bracken a public apology! Thank you and have a nice life you egotistical cow!

  15. Anon Says:

    This just goes to prove the point that it’s best to stay anon. You went out of your way to try and smear QueenBrat’s modeling reputation. You lady, make me sick! Maybe you should just quiet down. Unless of course you want to continue proving the commenter’s correct!

  16. Revanna Mistwallow Says:

    I just want to address you Nave, for trashing my agencies reputation without really knowing what we are about or even the people that we are. I started my agency, because of people with attitudes like your’s. I am Gorean in SL, get over it. Do I force it down any of my models throats? Hell no. Do I care if my models are vampires, into BSDM, are Neko’s, furries or anything else considered taboo in SL? NO! My agency is for the people you shun and make fun of. You trash other people on the internet, that’s your hobby. Heave forbid anyone else have a hobby unlike your own, especially when it involves actual human emotions. Get over yourself.

    QueenBrat Bracken, I would like to also address your trashing my agency on here. Hate to break it to you sweetie but you aren’t that great of a model. I’ve watched you mess up in enough shows, to not want to waste my time or lindens on you. And yes I know you posted on here because you gave yourself away. Good luck with your diva attitude here in SL, I’m sure you’ll really suceed with it. I am not the only person that thinks you have a unpleasent disposition.

    My agency does more than just give basic classes, and also styling classes. We go above and beyond for our models and you can ask any of the models that have been with us for awhile. Heaven forbid anyone go out of the norm. If anyone is by chance interested in our agency please feel free to message me and I will give you names of my agencies models so you can talk with them and find out what our agency is all about.

  17. Nave Fall Says:

    Divine Diva’s business model is simply a little different then some of the other agencies in SL.

    They are entitled, in THEIR business, on THEIR sim, with THEIR $Lindens, to ATTEMPT a different approach to this ever evolving segement of the SL Fashion industry. Calling it a scam is specious, at the least, and perhaps, even, libelous……..

    There is plenty of room for evolutionary approaches.

    I’m sure all of you agree that they will win the followers, sponsors and supporters they deserve and fair winds and godspeed on their journey.


    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  18. Anonymous Says:

    To go as far as to say its a scam, shame on you.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Like has been said already, ask what people think in modeling groups. It’s already been discussed.A scam is a scam. Isn’t much positive to say about that.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I guess your an expert? No sence in trying to say anything positive here, to many unknowlegable and negative people on these boards. At any rate. I wish this agency well. As all agencies that start at the bottom. Much success in your effort to rise above and someday laugh at all this negative gerble.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone can teach at the Fashion Institute practically. That’s not an endorsement.Nor does it make them well known or respected.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Yet again, people who do not look further into agencies before they post. The instructors are well known and respected throughout SL. They also teach at the Fashion Institute.

  23. anonymous Says:

    I don’t want to join this agency but that’s not really the point here. I don’t think new models should waste their money paying an agency that’s so new with instructors no one has heard of.Go ask people in modeling groups what they think, and look at the value of what you are getting. Lifestyle and role play isn’t the issue. No one should get ripped off.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    more rants from the retarded nave Fall. blah blah blah.

    Im just,



  25. Nave Fall Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    To the Anonymouse who wrote this:


    December 21, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    You have probably never been a part of these agencies that you are so quick to judge. Why don’t you just keep your words to yourself until you know first hand what you are talking about? It’s rediculous that people have to start “another war on words” and then act all innocent. Get a life nave Fall or at least be decent if thats even possible.


    1) I am not quick to judge anyone

    2) My opinions are just that MY OPINIONS. I’ve spent a lot of time educating myself about the things I write about by interviewing people and actually doing these things in SL. Whether YOU believe I actually do them is of no concern to me.

    3) AgencyReport is an open forum where people are ENCOURAGED to share THEIR opinions. If you don’t like MY opinions skip over them when you see my name on them.

    4) Innocent????? That’s laughable…………… What crime do I have to claim innocence for committing? Speaking my mind???? Did I offend your delicate sensibilities? My positions are CLEARLY STATED and I don’t hide them from anyone, which is more then you can say for a lot of people in here. Of course I am not too worried about being retaliated against.

    5) There are some people who find my writing to be informed and amusing. They even look forward to it. If someone chooses to engage me in a debate they’d do well to bring a lunch because we’ll be at it for awhile. I will say that prefer to debate a name other then an anonymouse critique (my bad I couldn’t resist that)

    6) As far as being decent goes I don’t disrespect, denigrate, or put down anyone who hasn’t stepped out there to begin with even then I never descend to the level of cussing anyone. If you are the CEO of a business, whether SL or RL you are an open target and better be able to take shot and then step forward and make YOUR case.

    Wars of words are good things in my opinion………….


    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  26. Shaking my head Says:

    If you don’t want to pay the 2500L, if you’re an experienced model who doesn’t need any more training…then its quite simple: don’t join the agency!! Not EVERY agency is for everyone. Thats the beauty of choice. But for those who are into roleplaying and don’t have much modeling experience this is a great agency for them. Seriously…if you don’t want to pay it then don’t join, lol…pretty easy!

  27. anonymous Says:

    I do know what I am talking about. This agency requires everyone to pay the 2500. The owner told me herself and there were notices posted and discussions in modeling groups about this very fact that several of my friends saw. 750 is too much to pay for a profile pic. So get your facts straight because this is not a secret. It is in fact, in the information the agency gives out. The instructors aren’t well known and there is no reason anyone should seek to learn from unknown instructors. Why would anyone want to put that on their resume? Hey, if you want to take classes from an unknown agency gl to you. Maybe read the agency info and educate yourself a bit too.

    Nave was not judgemental and is amusing to me. He is actually a quite nice man. so to attact him when he did nothing was unnecessary. Nave. you know I am kidding and if you want to use the word geek instead of dorky makes no difference to me. Again, I don’t consider this insulting in the least. Obviously some people are dense and don’t understamd this simple discussion.

  28. nave fall Says:

    I looked back down this thread and tried wery hard to find the place where I was judgemental in anything I stated, or directly denigrated Divine Diva in any way. If anything I was laudatory and encouraging.

    I did say:

    “If Divine Diva can lure, errrrrrrr, I mean recruit, people this way and those people CHOOSE to pay them – Hurrahhhhhhhhh good for them. I wonder if they read AgencyReport?”

    How someone CHOOSES to interpret that comment is their OWN decision. If someone wants to join Divine Diva and pay them L$2500 up-front, GOD be with them. If an ‘unknown” photographer can get someone to value a L$10 profile picture at L$750 I say good job on your marketing…….. If you want a good L$10 profile pic for L$10 IM I’ll take one for you and I will not try to upsell you one thing. Cross my heart.

    Furthermore, if you take threads like this one seriously you need your head examined. My sarcastic nature is well-known and I don’t deny it….. nor regret anything I’ve said. Hopefully what I write amuses you. Maybe it even makes you think for a change. Both work well for me…………

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Chill out. If you knew Nave, you’d know that he’s only kidding. Consider yourself punked! LOL

  30. Anonymous Says:

    You have probably never been a part of these agencies that you are so quick to judge. Why don’t you just keep your words to yourself until you know first hand what you are talking about? It’s rediculous that people have to start “another war on words” and then act all innocent. Get a life nave Fall or at least be decent if thats even possible.

  31. nave fall Says:


    I didn’t mean to start another war of words here.

    At least these days I have the guts to post using my own. “lame that it is” name and not hiding behind the “anonymouse” label…………. If you have something to say to me you know where to look.

    If Divine Diva can lure, errrrrrrr I mean recruit, people this way and those people CHOOSE to pay them – Hurrahhhhhhhhh good for them. I wonder if they read AgencyReport?

    I think the L$750 valuation they put on their photographer’s “FREE” profile pic is a tad outlandish but that’s just me. Everyone knows that I have way too much money now that I stopped funding the career of she whose name shall not be mentioned here’s SLife/SLagency.

    I admit to certain dork-like qualities but mostly I am more geeky then dorky. I think that’s a good thing myself.

    I’m just,


  32. Anonymous Says:

    If your going to post lame things about agencies in SL, you should at least “know” what your saying is factual. I see to many agencies being ripped apart here on Agency Report. I applied for this agency and they do not charge experienced models. The instructors are well known and well qualified. In fact, that 2500L fee is peanuts compared to the 1000L per class fee that is charged at an agency that employs these same instructors. Again, get facts befor trying to trash an agency listed here.

  33. anonymous Says:

    I was not ranting, you are a dork and know it. But that’s ok because so am I and don’t consider it insulting in the least. Your posts are amusing. How do you mute in agency report btw lol.But, lets not get off topic. 2500L may not be a lot to you, but to some it is. Don’t forget not everyone has endless supplies of lindens to spend. That’s a bit arrogant. Especially when what you are getting isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t pay 1l to take classes from someone not established in the industry with a proven knowledge base.Classes I have been asked to teach myself.

  34. Nave Fall Says:

    Maybe I should apply for the position I appended below, while I’m at it? It’s a very prestigious slot I bet. What do suppose Divine Diva plans to pay the lucky person they hire for this? Maybe L$250 a week??? Since they are “alternatively” oriented will I have to wear a kilt or god help me silks? If I’m red silk am I disqualified btw?

    I have required 6 months of experience in Fashion Marketing but I’m sure that is handled differently in Gor so maybe my experience is irrelevant. Does being Tres Beau’s COO qualify me for this????? I spend most of my time on this now…….. When I expose myself in SL it usually means stripping down to a gold lame thong and wearing a full-body tattoo advertising whatever I’m into that day. Is that good enough?

    Do you suppose I could just bring bottled blood in???
    When I was a vampire I bought the Amulet of Immortality so I wouldn’t have to suck so often. I’m not sure I know where, or how, to find “fresh blood” these days.

    Some of this stuff is pretty confusing. Maybe I can get a strong woman to explain it all to me……

    I’m just a dork……….


    Divine Dina is now hiring for the following position:

    -Advertising Specialist
    Requirements: +6 Months Previous Experience in Fashion Marketing.

    Duties: Main duties would be increasing the exposure of the Agency around SL as well as bringing in fresh blood for the agency. Please detail the mediums you have used to market and increase exposure.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Miss Anony Mouse and your lame sisters – I know who YOU are btw. You’re the only one who calls me dorky. Everyone else swears when they rant about me, which hacks off AgencyReport Zepp and then s/he deletes their sputtering posts because this site is P/G not Mature or Adult.


    I am not dorky……………..and you know it.

    A putz perhaps

    Ironic absolutely

    Sarcastic maybe

    Some people are so easy.

    Andddddddddddddd Herradurra has a pretty good scam sniffer btw. Scams raise her blood pressure and she starts to vibrate then………..

    This stuff is supposed to be amusing. If I don’t amuse you. Mute me (I could say the in MUCH BLUNTER way but I don’t wanna get this deleted.) I am NOT making anyone read these………..

    I’m just,


  36. anonymous Says:

    He was being his sarcastic, dorky self.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Excuse me Nave, but the sun does not rise and shine on Herradurra’s opinion.

  38. Nave Fall Says:

    I dunno….. it’s ONLY L$2500 and you get a FREE profile pic worth L$750 thrown in to boot. Not only that you geta guaranteed position with the agency.

    —->>> GUARANTEED MODEL TAG <<<—-

    This sounds like a pretty good deal to me……….

    C'mon????? Why would they scam anyone? Do people really do that in SL? I think I'm gonna talk to Herradurra about this.

    I'm really curious about their training regiman btw.

    I'm just


  39. anonymous Says:

    This agency requires everyone to pay 2500L to join and for that you get basic classes, styling lessons and a head shot. This is a total scam. They require everyone who joins to do this regardless of experience. Well, for 1, why should a model take basic classes when they have experience and don’t need it and why should a model take classes from some instructors no one has ever heard of. What makes them qualified in the least. Requiring people to take your classes when no one has ever heard of you is a scam. In order to teach you have to know what you are talking about. And 2, experienced models have head shots, have taken styling lessons and have a set style and why should they take styling lessons, again, from someone no one has ever heard of. And for new models, I would advise staying away from scam agencies. Take classes from a reputable place with instructors known in the industry for being good and knowledgable. Would you really want to put a place on your resume that you took lessons from only to have people say who is that?

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Nave, are you serious? Save your Lindens and run! I mean seriously, do I need to spell this out for you???
    -Your SL friend who wishes to remain anonymous 🙂

  41. Nave Fall Says:

    Weird as I am I may have to join this agency. I’d make a great Ubar model.

    I’m not sure about the L$2500 to sign up. Any thoughts on this one???

    Just curious


    “˜`”°º♥º°”˜`” Divine Dina Model Agency “˜`”°º♥º°”˜`”


    Please read the following information before applying with us to make sure you understand all that is required of each position in the agency as well as our purpose.

    Divine Dina is now hiring for the following positions:

    -Advertising Specialist
    Requirements: +6 Months Previous Experience in Fashion Marketing.
    Duties: Main duties would be increasing the exposure of the Agency around SL as well as brining in fresh blood for the agency. Please detail the mediums you have used to market and increase exposure.


    Divine Dina is now in Search of Models!

    Divine Dina is an agency dedicated to serving the designers of alternative fashions here Second Life. We started out originally as a Gorean only fashion agency but are branching out the other genres in hopes that we can contact with not only the designers of them, but also the customers. We hope to provide monthly shows featuring different styles of clothing, not sticking to just one genre but rather moving around. You’ll notice many of our clients, and designers that sponsor our shows overlap into other genres by themselves many times out of boredom or simply growth.

    To accommodate this you will find a variety of models in our agency. Some the typical thin model type but many of them are curvy, with tattoos and alternative Second Lives. If you feel this is something that you would fit in with please fill out an application and let us know what you can offer to our agency and to the designers who so lovingly work to create content for our Second Lives.

    You will also have the benefit of receiving training if you do not have any. We require that all agency members receive basic education completed here at our agency. We will provide you with a great basic training program taught by a dedicated staff that not only love fashion but love teaching. You will find also that our training extends beyond what you will find at other locations, including you education that will help you work in the alternative fashion field.

    Upon being accepted as a Trainee within our agency you will be required to pay the L$ 2500 entry fee which will go towards your Model Training (5 Full 1 hour Classes by an experienced instructor), Styling Sessions with our on staff stylist, and an agency headshot by our wonderfully gifted professional photographer to add to your portfolio along with a few other gifts. Every model entering into our agency will be required to take the training courses to become a certified model with our agency and accept work. You will receive all of these items upon entering our agency.

    Model Training Courses Provided:
    Model 101: Modeling Basics
    Model 102: Portfolio, Resume, Interview, Networking
    Model 103: Styling Your Avatar
    Model 104: Advanced Poses and Walks
    Model 105: Introduction to Runway & Lag Reducing Techniques
    Styling Sessions
    Agency Headshot by Zazel Szymborska (Owner of Liquid Dreams Photography)
    Divine Dina Welcome Care Package and Gift

    As an agency we also provide further advanced training for a nominal fee as well as Styling classes. If you are interested please feel free to contact the owner Revanna Mistwallow for more information. We provide our models with a portfolio as well for a discounted price with our Agency photographer if you are interested in that as well.

    If you feel that you would like to work with our agency and contribute greatly to what we wish to do in this industry fill out the application below and return it to Revanna Mistwallow. After reviewing your application you will be contacted for a follow up interview within the week. Thank you.


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