50 Responses to “Friends123 Modeling Agentia (38)”

  1. 86Geraldine Says:

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  2. krismessmer Says:

    With the wind howling and the cold sneaking into her all to mesh outfit, Kris walks up the deserted looking stairs of the once famous Friend123 Modeling Agentia…..she looks around careful then pushes the door open….crrreeeeekkkkkkkk…….

    With the dust blowing around the dark halls she enters nervously….knowing not what she’ll find…..my God this place is as old as Dust, she thinks to herself….and not a person around…or was there……

  3. Nave Fall Says:

    Hearing the stirring, of a body on the couch in my office and knowing what’s likely to be happening momentarily, I slink (almost creep actually) off down the hall on tiptoe. In passing I glance out the window at 20+ inches of overnight snow I gasp……….. you see with that much snow the stormdoor won’t open. Eventually I’ll dig us out using the brand new, blood red, tracked, 9hp Honda HS928TAS ($2900 US in RL) that we bought on SLex a while ago with the Black Card, which Kimmera seems to have departed with in a hurry not that long ago………
    Meanwhile I have a different problem……….. Vich is gonna be starving when she wakes up, despite the imminent sunrise…….. I hope she remembers the Type O we stocked up on is in the fridge in case of emergencies. Better a pint of that then a pint of me. My neck is barely healed as it is. Good thing we ordered that. I wonder if a

    Glancing around I look at the door to the basement, where my armor, weapons, stakes, pitchforks and such are stored just in case I have to do the Omega Man thing again. I also have a 3,350 lumen high-intensity discharge (equivalent to an aircraft landing light in case you were wondering) Xenon lamp flashlight (World’s Brightest Flashlight according to Hammacher Schlemmer) that was advertised as able to blind a charging Rhino and stop it in its tracks as a non-lethal weapon of last resort should I need it. Hopefully I won’t today…………… But the basement is a good place to hang out and plan a show or work on some StarWalkers stuff, away from Vich when she wakes up – hungry and cranky. She couldn’t just need coffee with cream, nooooooooooo she’s needs coffee with blood.

    Nave hits the steps and locks the door behind him. Like that’ll do any good

  4. Vichonette Says:

    * … drags herself out of her pseudo torpor long enough to realize where she is, and to recognize the fact she’s ravenously hungry. With no Nave to be found, she heads out the door, shopping bags left behind, in search of nourishment – preferably of the lycan variety.

    Somewhere in the back of her mind she has a vague recollection of having had the black card in her hand and wonders where it disappeared to, hoping it hasn’t been stolen again or the boss is going to kill her. Well, maybe not kill her. Hard to kill the undead, after all.

  5. Caffine Says:

    UmmNave? why you hang up on me, you know me,i wanted to get on that blackcard list too, you know, i figured if i was apart of the Friends clique then you wouldn’t mind if i charge just a little to the account am not greedy i promise *cross fingers behind back* So rude, of you not to let me part of the circle cries:(lol)

  6. Nave Fall Says:

    Ring ring ring…………..

    Mr Fall? This is Blackcard security. We wanted to check on some more unusual, recent activities involving your Blackcard account.

    Nave Fall: Again? WTF!!!!!!!! What kind of unusual activities?

    Lifetime subscriptions to BOSL, Maniera, Scruplz, and Radar Magazines were ordered sent to the headquarter’s office of Fiends123 Modelling Agentia. Is that your company?

    Nave Fall: Yes that’s where I work. I’m not exactly sure it’s my company though. Who ordered those please?

    A Kimmera Madison is the name we have. She’s not on the authorized user’s list for your Blackcard but she had your password and told us you’d happily authorize this.

    Nave Fall: ummmmmm sure why not. That’s my wife. I‘d like to ad her to the list Fiends123 Modelling Agentia authorized users. You might as well ad Katina Magic, Dancer Dallagio and Jasmine Night too.

    So you’re authorizing these charges? Would you like to know how much these magazine subscriptions cost btw?

    Nave Fall: Excussssssssse me. I have a Blackcard account because my resources in SL are unlimited. If that wasn’t the case I wouldn’t play this game. Ship it………. Anything else I can do for you?

    There were accounts opened at Mandala jewelry, Leezu, Baiastice and CoCo and several hair stores including Tukinowaguma, Truth and Exile. These are on top of the skin store accounts at AtomicBambi, Belleza, Tuli and League that we added last time. Are those okay with you also?

    Nave Fall: WTF is going on here?

    Nave Fall sighs………………………then says “Sure, no problem, Can you send more O negative too please? We may be needing that soon, I’m about sucked dry here”

    Thank you Mr. Fall. I’ll see that those orders are placed. By the way, I asked last time but you hung up on me without answering. Do you have any openings there at Fiends123 Modelling Agentia? I have quite a modeling portfolio myself including pictures by Julie Hastings, Cherie Parker, Skip Staheli, Trixie Trotter, Trinidad Anatine and…….

    Nave Fall: click……………….

  7. Dolce Says:

    StackHouse, Nave…StackHouse..with an h, not an n.

    And it’s oi vey.

    *tosses you some garlic and an application for the Witness Protection Program*

    ….wonders if Kim is in need of a shopping assistant….

  8. Nave Fall Says:

    Sookie Stacknouse????


    oy vegh

  9. Kimmera Madison Says:

    “Calling Sookie Stackhouse..Calling Sookie Stackhouse…Vampire down”

    slips the black card out of Vich’s vampiric grip and runs for the door, singing, CHARGE IT!

  10. Nave Fall Says:

    With Winter Jefferson MIA I’m not sure what to do here.

    Vich is fast asleep on the cowhide Le Corbusier couch in my office. Of course with vampires one never knows if they’re really asleep or not does one? I don’t wanna find out by waking up with her fangs deep in my throat, sucked dry and looking like the sardonic Australian Vampire knight fashionisto’s namesake Edgar Winter do I?

    What to do what to do?

    We have a stock of O Negative handy for emergencies like this but I’m not waking her up to inquire if that suits her taste………

    Any ideas out there?

  11. Nave Fall Says:

    Stumbles into the office, in dire need of intravenous caffeine, inhales and detects a scent that’s been missing for some time………….

    The ravening need for coffee gnawing still, I creep around the office and after slowly edging my squeeky office door open, what do I see but a pile of shopping bags and boxes

    Tres Beau





    in the dim light they can’t all be seen, but there, clutching my missing Black Card in her fistmis the blissfully sleeping form of Vich, sacked out on my sofa………… No Zoey though. She’s all shopped out I guess. I’m trembling at the thought of the soon to arrive Black Card statement with the evidence of the grrrrrrl’s recent shopping spree.

    I sigh, pull the curtains closed so she doesn’t toast when the morning Sun comes streaming in and then cover her with a blankie. I shut the phone off and slink back out the door. Lord only knows when she fed last…………

    When she wakes up we’ll discuss how she plans to cook the books with Zoey to make all this stuff expensable to someone. This is gonna be interesting. I’m calling Winter for advice, he’s far better with vampires then I am

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  12. Vichonette Says:

    *creeps back into the office after her lengthy hiatus, hoping no one noticed she’d been gone*

    “Now where did I put that schedule?” She looks around, tapping a manicured nail against her lips as she thinks where she would have left it. Of course, someone would have moved it by now, but stubborn as she is, she rifles through random desk drawers.

    Finding nothing, she heads into Nave’s office, flops down on his psychiatrist-style couch, and promptly falls asleep.

  13. Black Card Security Says:

    Ring ring ring…………..

    Mr Fall? This is Blackcard security. We wanted to check on some unusual, recent activities involving your Blackcard account.

    Nave Fall: What kind of unusual activities?

    A massive quantity of Type O blood was ordered sent to Fiends123 Modelling Agentia. Is that your company?

    Nave Fall: Yes it’s where I work. The charge is legitimate but only semi-authorized. But it’s okay………. better send it or they’ll be sucking MY blood and I like my blood where it is, inside me, not inside them.

    So you’re authorizing this charge? Would you like to know how much it was for btw?

    Nave Fall: Excussssssssse me.I have a Blackcard because my resources in SL are unlimited. If that wasn’t the case I would play in SL. Ship it………. Anything else I can do for you?

    There were accounts opened at Stiletto Moody, alaMood and *ByKay* jewelry and several skin stores including AtomicBambi, Belleza, Tuli and League. Are those okay too?

    Nave Fall: Whatever……….. I was having a nap here. If Vish or Zoey or Buffy want it, give it to them. If the TROLL or Winter buys anything, call me. We finished now?

    Ummmmmm, errr, uhh. Do you have any openings there?

    Nave Fall: click……………….

  14. Nave "Naive" Fall Says:

    Wimmen, vampires, next it’s going to be a Harajuku-style Neko walking through the door wanting to do a lolcat ad, this instant.

    /me lays his head on his desk. (I need a nap.)

    Taps the intercom………..

    Buffffffffffffffffy, YO Buffinator, hold my cawls ( god now she’s got me doing it ) unless it’s the credit card company, I need to raise our limit, if they’ll let me.

    …………drifts off…………

    ****dreaming about a normal, SLife with no drama (fat chance), no fiends, no fugly, wannabeastylist, blond trolls, no mad designers screaming about how expensive shows are, no models asking for raises, much less out of work, vampire slaying New Jersey-born, receptionists wanting to expense their addiction to Diet Coke and Orbitz gum.***


  15. Mista Falls Poi-sonal Secwtary Says:

    taps her intercom button, Mista Fall



    waits, files her nails into the intercom mic knowing it makes his skin crawl

    M*I*S*T*A F*A*L*L

    ther’s a cawl on line three, says he’s peforms exocizes..exoisms..uh…excorcisms, yeah, thats it

    sumthin bout vamps and black evil cards

    yeah, yeah, ok already, I’ll put ‘im through

    snaps her gum LOUDLY…oh, one mo thing Mista Fall
    Kin I hav a raise?

    hears the intercom slam the wall of the inner office

    Shrugs, files her nails a bit more, tugs down the impossibly short mini skirt and halter top thats her required uniform and leaves for a 2 hour coffee break

  16. Romantic Says:

    ROFL Nave!
    i love ya

  17. Nave "naive" Fall Says:

    Starts to tremble at the thought of forces beyond his mortal ken

    /me thinks this over…………..

    What to do?

    What to do?

    Affirmative action?

    Sure. We’re equal opportunity offenders at the Fiends123 Agentia (we might even take the TROLL in if he stuck his head in the door)> Did I say FIENDS123??? I meant Friend123.

    /me logs in to transfer funds and loads that black credit card up. The least I can do is pay my models well. I am nothing if not benevolent. I hope they’re not buying Amulets of Immortality with that card. Good Grief that’d be expensive

    I’m in such trouble


  18. romantic Says:

    And now let’s see the new “Love Vamp Story”…..

  19. Vichonette Says:

    Mesmerized by the beauty of this undead stranger known as Winter, she can only stand and stare as he approaches. She’d learned quite early that the modeling world of SL wasn’t yet ready for the fanged ones, and she’d kept her own nature well hidden for so long. But here he was… death incarnate… his features flawless, captivating. Frozen in the moment as he seems about to speak, she fails to notice his theft of the black credit card, merely dropping into a nearby chair as he makes his hasty retreat, the vision of that beautiful face imprinted forever in her mind.

  20. Winter spots this pixellated fantasy of an agency, and looks around to see who he has to blow – I mean, talk to to get taken on as a model. He pokes the walls that wobble pink as if they existed merely in some fall guy’s mind and saunters up to the desk. Winter opens his befanged mouth to ask the lovely lady behind the counter about if they have an affirmative action undead hiring policy… notices the look of hunger in her eyes – panics – snatches the black credit card from off the desk – and hightails it the hell out of there.

  21. Nave "Naive" Fall Says:

    My TROLL buddy?

    I know lots of trolls………………

    /me thinks this over.

    TROLL buddy

    TROLL buddy

    TROLL buddy

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that TROLL, the big, blond, fugly, 100 slider loudmouth troll that is picking on some really good models and cussing out Mimmi Boa (which takes some serious cojones let me tell you). That TROLL

    yes’m you’re right. I get it now. I’m not mentioning that TROLL’S name either though. If I did it would blog about being oppressed, misunderstood and, really, harmless. He might have to do an anonymous interview about how we are all copybotters and the cause of everything that goes wrong in the SL modeling and fashion world. He could write both sides of a sleazy, yellow-dog interview about how we rig modeling contests and get paid off by models. Or maybe he can die like Andrzej Makarova did……….. yeah that’s the ticket.

    Nope not going there…………….

    Keep the credit card in your wallet – you have enough hair, jewelery and skins to last 2 SLifetimes.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  22. Vichonette Says:

    Well… yes, we could, I suppose… but there are all those accessories, and the right shoes, the right hair, the right skin. You know how it is.

    Oh… by the way… saw your troll buddy at a show last weekend.

  23. Nave "naive" Fall Says:

    /me growls

    Looks left

    Looks right

    I’m outnumbered again…………..

    Digs out the non-existent “black” credit card with the “unlimited sticker” and hands it over to Zoey. Listne up, if you get mugged by a fugly, blond troll with a steroid using, weight-lifter shape named Vic Zuzu don’t say you weren’t warned. He’s stalking us now………….

    One other thing, you best get receipts for Viola……. she’s very methodical and organized, and she can be cranky too.

    Can’t you just have your “fashion emergency” meltdowns at Tres Beau where you can have the designer’s samples and not worry about it?

  24. Zoey Neutron Says:


    Hand the card over please! I am in dire need of some *clears her throat* “supplies”.

  25. Vichonette Says:

    /me grumbles something about fashion emergencies and hands the card over.

    I think Zoey might need some “marketing supplies” too, bossman, and for the record, I think it’s a matter of law that an agency owner must always reveal to his female staff any and all knowledge of avatars as enormously talented and attractive as Mr. Jefferson.

    If not… well… it should be.


  26. Nave "Naive" Fall Says:

    If I’d known of your hidden lusts I’dve refrained from mentioning this one……………

    At least he balances things out for the troll.

    BTW – give me that nonexistent “black credit card back while it still has something available for emergencies on it.

  27. Vichonette Says:

    OK, the vamp in me is officially in love with Winter Jefferson. Why haven’t I seen this man before???

    I am… just drooling

  28. Nave "Naive" Fall Says:

    Take it out of next week’s paycheck???????

    /me thinks that over

    /me bites his lower lip……………

    Womennnnnnnn!!! Gotta love them………………….

    Where were we?

    Suffice it to say the Friends123 Modeling Agentia and Istituto / Dell’ Scuola / Dell’Accademia / Dell’Università won’t be ringing Vic up anytime soon to pontificate on his passion for fashion or to dispense his thoughts on the state of gayness in SL these days. We are equal opportunity offenders when it comes to those sorts of things.

    I’ve gotten some IMs about this thread which sit seems some people have found hysterically funny. I’m glad they get it because it’s supposed to be edgy humor with a bit of truth behind it. I never have a clue what Vich may chime in with and now with Zoey lobbing things in who knows what may appear here.

    The Vic Zuzu saga is typical I’m afraid. Nothing unique about it except his massive ego He’s created his own mythos and sold it to some people. But there’s no there there really (parse that English Vic m’boy), his accomplishments and abilities defy examination. Frolic thinks that Vic feeds on the attention and that ignoring him drives him crazy…………and I should “Listen up!”. So going forward we’ve finished with the “Queen of England” One last thing, the Shopping Cart Disco blog summed it up neatly on July 26th saying, “Alright, seriously, this guy is epic on the scale of Epically Stupid Trolls.” I couldn’t beat that if I tried…………….

    2 excellent male stylists have been mentioned in this series of posts, TokY Raymaker and Roland Zepp, both wizards at styling. I happen to think I do a pretty good job myself but I’m biased. But there’s another outstanding male stylist that’s been overlooked in this on-going thread – Winter Jefferson, the Undead Party Boy and General Nuisance from

    http://incoldbloodsl.blogspot.com/ .and Rezzable.

    A simply and outstanding stylist and a really good writer too. If you’re looking for styling help any of them can get the job done for you.

    BTW I discovered I’m banned on the Classic With Style sim too. Wahhhh wah wah.

    I’m just,

    Nave “Naïve” Fall

  29. Vichonette Says:

    /me dashes off with the company card to pick up a state-of-the-art copier/printer with built-in collator and stapler, making a few stops at her favorite couture shops on the way. “Take it out of next week’s paycheck, bossman.”

    Note to self: Keep an eye out for some guy with enormous thighs, and keep him away from Nave.

    He shows up I’ll send him to Zoey. Maybe she can market him as a doorman or… I dunno… a paperweight… or something.


  30. Nave "Naive" Fall Says:

    Hands Vich the (non-existent) “black” company credit card…………….Ditch the mimeograph babe. You’re right the fumes are toxic. Other then that I hate it when you’re right. Carry on……………

    /me sips his French press and then bites his lip.

    Now to the burning question of the day

    /me thinks to himself………… Vich missed the whole Vic Zuzu uproar on the Fashion Institute thread……. Not good but pretty funny actually……….. I’ll give you the quick overview here.

    To semi-quote the Zoey Nuetron, the Friends123 marketing director:
    “Oh mah gah so liek I jus spoked to Vic in-world, an he fah-mazing!
    /me faints.
    He liek d’best, mose wonderfell stylist and model in all of SL! He knows it all and he’ll tell you that tooooooooo.
    Omg I talk to him, Oh mah gah, oh mah gah!
    /me fants again”
    He also told me F*** myself………….. and that he didn’t care what I thought of him (he likes to cut, paste and edit, private chats but I’ll refrain from that particular SL TOS violation myself
    Anyway………. I’ll explain Vic boy but when I’m done his 15 minutes are sooooo over. Vic Zuzu is the current “IT girl” of SL. We’ve had them before, people who flutter from job to job and agency to agency, never really doing much of anything but adding to their pixilated “resumes/CV/bio” each time. His worked well enough on Sparkie to get her to bring him on as a Fashion Institute instructor to teach a class on styling for men. Good idea for a class btw.

    Anyway suddenly these people are everywhere you turn. Interviewing people, being seen, kiss kiss kissing everyone who is anyone, making scenes, styling this one, and ripping that one. That’s the short version of our 22 year old Russian, custom-skinned, custom-shaped, professional gifts to SL’s fashion world. He knows more about the SL men’s fashion scene then “fah-nyone”. (Sorry I just can’t say it like Zoey does………….

    I read about Vic a couple of days ago after he taught that Fashion Institute class on styling for men and got evaluated “anonymously” by several of his students, one of whom knows a lot more about styling then Vic himself does (bad for Vic…….). Those included some not very nice comments on his vastly over-rated, styling abilities and some pithy comments about his skills as an instructor. Vic forgot that it helps to have people like you if you want them to spend L$1000s taking more of your classes. He spewed his highly, critical opinions at them in class as the “GOSPEL RULES” when he should have been “suggesting” how they might simply improve themselves. Bad bad bad idea Vic……

    I subsequently read Vic’s blog from beginning to end. That took about 15 minutes. 10 of that 15 minutes was spent with my jaw dropping at the comments he made after Frolic Mills granted him an interview (to get rid of him I think btw). My earlier crack about not letting him interview me was an allusion to what he did to Frolic which was beyond stupidity, verging on insanity. I mean FFS you can think what you want about Frolito but why post those thoughts for all SL to see? Why not just cut your wrists and justget it over with. It’s less painful and you avoid people like me coming back at you later. You see, I happen to like Frolic myself, he’s funny as hell, stylish as hell, cosmopolitan as hell, has better hair then I do, and runs a HUGELY successful SL business empire. No other way to describe him. Not everyone likes him but hey I get how that works………… Enough about Frolic

    After reading Vic’s blog, profile and his non-existent resume I realized what we’re dealing with. I criticized him a bit in here in a left-handed sorta way. He didn’t like it much. He doesn’t deal with criticism well at all. He fancies himself a critic but buckle up if you challenge the boy………….There are a few “expensive, quality” designers he likes a lot. No need to really discuss his “limited” viewpoint, it speaks loudly for itself. And for the Naïve haters out there it goes like this, people criticize me ALL the time, I at least try to learn from what they said if their comments have any validity.

    So this is end of the Vic Zuzu story. I’m, actually, sure he’ll have much more to say, from his lil blogging soapbox, in his sputtering wronglish.

    I’m just,

    Nave “Naïve” Fall

  31. Vichonette Says:

    /me leaves a note on Nave’s PC…

    Hey! I’m organized and professional! Most of the time, anyway. OK, there was that one time last spring, but I can’t help it if MVW didn’t get the notice! I mean… I THOUGHT I stuffed the ballot box for you…

    /me flashes Nave a fistful of freshly mimeographed forms, fumes wafting across AR, causing everyone to get a little high. Not too high, mind you. Gotta keep it rated PG-13 or something.

    OK, so here’s the application, the rules and regs, a list of runway dos and don’ts, staff expectations, pay scale, a list of all the right places to make your avatar the hottest pixel body in SL, and a few other miscellaneous forms. I think one might say something about signing over your first-born child, but I could be wrong.

    Vic Zuzu… got it… um, who the heck is Vic Zuzu?

    As always, I am…

    just Vich

  32. Nave Fall Says:

    Vich? We need to work on how we handle these spontaneous hiring decisions too. Maybe some forms and other bureaucracy to make is us look organized and professional. Call Viola Rookswood about that.I’m an idea and people person……not so good down in the details. Viola’s the deadly professional. She’s getting Make It Work squared away in no time. Maybe she can help Friends123 somehow too. Maybe you wanna be COO and let Viola be CFO……. the 2 of you can sort it out Ima sure.

    One more thing……..

    If Vic ZuZu calls I’m out for the rest of the year. He is not stalking me like he stalked Frolic. No frikking interviews where he buries me after ward.I got my avatar made over already and I’m a better stylist and trainer then he is anyway………even if I’m not gay.

    I’m just,

    Nave “Naive” Fall

  33. Nave Fall Says:

    /me thinks – Anrol will sue us, and ban us and badmouth us, ohhhhhhhh my.

    /me picks up the phone and calls a lawyer

    Nave: Hi there. The new marketing director stole her former companies ad campaign. Are we in trouble?

    Lawyer: Is it trademarked?

    Nave: Nope……….. not trademarked

    Lawyer : did she use it word for word?

    Nave: I don’t think so. She said, “I’m going to make us rich and famous in SL.”

    Lawyer: SL? WTF is SL???

    Nave: SecondLife. A Metaverse created by Linden Labs. I have this freaking hot avatar in there????

    Lawyer: Who referred you to us again and did you say you’d paid Dewey/Cheatu/Buttgood & Hauu a retainer already?

    Nave: We read about you in an internet blog (AgencyReport)and Nope…. we didn’t pay a $Linden yet.

    Lawyer: What’s a $Linden?

    Nave SL uses $Lindens as currency @ about L$250 to the US$. They work great.

    Lawyer” We take Visa, MasterCard, American, Express, and Dicover as well as wire transfers.

    Nave: No $Lindens?

    Lawyer: Click

    /me leave muttering about people not gettin it.

  34. Zoey Neutron Says:

    Sweet deal!

    I’m going to make us rich and famous in SL.


  35. Nave Fall Says:

    Sign her up……………

    Give her a hiring bonus too

    /me leaves in a hurry


  36. Vichonette Says:

    *giggles* Nave, I think we just found our new marketing director. 🙂


  37. Zoey Neutron Says:

    Ugh that was painful typing like that!

  38. Zoey Neutron Says:

    Oh mah gah so liek I jus spoked to Naive in-world, an he fah-mazing!

    /me faints.

    He liek d’best, moss wonderfel model in all of SL!

    Omg I talk to him, Oh mah gah, oh mah gah!

    /me fants again.

  39. navefall Says:

    Friends123 Modeling Agentia entire “non-existence” is based upon one, over-arching, premise: that designers need to show and then sell, their creations to the world. The models who FIERCELY wear those creations, whether in SL or in RL, are NOT the focal point of the audience’s attention, despite anything they might pray for, nor are their avatars, their walks or their poses. It’s not the unique runway, the script being read, or the music that plays in the background. IT’S ALL ABOUT WHAT THE DESIGNER CREATED THAT IS BEING SHOWN. THE IDEA IS TO SELL THOSE DESIGNS AND TO CREATE DESIRE.

    All the people, the hours, the creativity, and showmanship coalesces synergistically when the show starts. In an ideal virtual world, one without lag, or glitches, where fingernail prims stayed in alignment, where hair and eyelash prims self-adjusted and the color of the model’s feet automatically detected the RGB#s of skin color being worn SL’s models wouldn’t need the training and skills that they must acquire now to do their jobs. That training and those skills, along with all the behind the scenes efforts, are what make the show appear seamless and natural and, hopefully, delight the audience.

    So many agencies in SL diminish this basic tenet. Friends123, despite being a hypothetical business entity (okay it’s non-existent except as a metaphor), mission is to simplistically represent the designers of SL in the most professional manner possible and to never forget that the show is about the designs. Anyone who forgets that it’s about selling the designer’s products is doomed.

    And yes Vich did pay me my L$70 back……………….keep recruiting. I trust you know good when you see good.

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  40. Vichonette Says:

    You’ll note he neglects to say here that I gave his $70L back to him. ;p

    Um… yeah… I’m gonna recruit now, so… uh… OK, I know how this works. First, you must have absolutely no styling skills whatsoever so I can infuse you with my wisdom and make you all into little Vich clones. Won’t that be fun?

    After that… um… let’s see… Oh, I know! You have to have the oldest, worst poses SL has ever seen, and if all your skills came from a runway walk ball, that’s even better!

    What’s that, Nave? That’s not what we want? I’m going to have to think about this some more, apparently. I’ll schedule a casting for 1am SLT sometime, when I get it figured out.

    Friends123 Model Recruiter/Go-fer/Rumormonger/Antagonist/Protagonist/and all around handyman,


  41. navefall Says:




    Who says this isn’t a model page??? In the newspapers, those cheap paper things some of us used to read, there was often a section called “The Comics” or “Amusement Page,” with jokes and things like crosswords, word jumbles, Sudoku, Chess and Bridge problems and so on. View this thread as that (or like Lolcats). An amusement for those who need a chuckle over their coffee……………..

    Besides, Friends123 Modeling Agentia has more posts then a lot of the so-called REAL SL modeling agencies on the list to the left. That fact, alone, validates its existence. If we’re wasting your internet bandwidth, or personal mindwidth, (you might learn some new words here btw) you can skip reading this. AgencyReport Zepp doesn’t pay Friends123 Modeling Agentia by the hit by for its efforts.

    Furthermore we’ll soon be publishing the Friends123 Credo and Mission Statement here, which is more then you can say has been done by certain, un-named agency CEOs, who purport to promote and defend the RIGHTS of SL’s models but never bothered to write those sorts of things. I don’t mean Kay Fairey either. She REALLY does promote and defend SL’s modeling community, without any need for self-aggrandizement and she’s quite capable of creating a group for herself if she wants to do so. We will dutifully line up behind any effort SHE undertakes.

    So one thing you can count on the Friends123 Modeling Agentia to do, is to equitably pay its staff and models for everything they are asked to do whether we’re paid or not.

    Runway shows – we’ll pay
    Pose creation – no brainer
    Printwork – we’ll pay pay pay
    Blogging – Hell yeah we’ll pay that too
    Photography and post processing work – yup yup yup (ask Vich. I paid her L$70 yesterday)
    Appearances – sho nuff
    Video/Machinima – sounds expensive but yes
    Graphics work – ugh (yes this too)
    Show scripts – OMFG yes this needs to be paid a lot.
    DJing – sure
    Building – mhmmmm
    MC and stage staff – of course
    Outfits for shows from designers – we will pay for these too rather then become indebted

    I, however, promise to never take a $Linden for anything I do for Friends123 Modeling Agentia. I do it for the personal glory and as agift to the SL modeling and fashion community.

    If you think you have skillz Friends123 Modeling Agentia needs you can contact Vichonette Constantine and discuss Friends123 Modeling Agentia’s current openings. I have no idea what she’s up to or who she’s negotiating with.

    Don’t contact me, I don’t handle the hiring. I just pontificate………………

    I swear that Friends123 Modeling Agentia’s tiers are paid up. Dumping my stuff, object by object, into a rented storage box and then transferring the key to me was a mean thing to do btw……………..:P

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  42. LOL-Wtf? Says:

    WTF! This isn’t even a model page!

    NAVE FALL at it again, AH Geezus!

    The owner should just shut this place down.

  43. Im Nave Fall's Landlord Says:

    we gave your things to the salvation army as we were leaving they chased us and gave us your stuff back something about charity begins at home and gave us a food voucher and a 20 and said he needs this more than us….. You can stay Nave and ill drop the rent by a linden a week

  44. navefall Says:

    About the tiers – It’s just PayPal being a little slow I swear.

    The cash should be along anytime now. Please don’t return all my things one object at a time.

    I paid really I did.


  45. Im Nave Fall's Landlord Says:

    Glad i could make you laugh Vich too much drama on here
    did i ever tell you the story one time i logged in forgot i was naked from the crash the night before tp’d direct to a fashion show thinking why im a so slow rezzing my clothes ,

  46. Vichonette Says:

    LMAO PLEASE tell me you did not just insinuate that I’m Nave’s alt! How funny is that?

    I confess I DID write the blog post Nave quoted here, but I am, have always been, and always will be, me.

    I’m just… still laughing…


  47. Im Nave Fall's Landlord Says:

    Nave do we really care and put your ALT back into its box and get back to your little Trailer and stay there, who the heck do you think you are ?

  48. navefall Says:

    Okay, Vich asked for this, so y’all can blame her for invoking it.

    One day last fall I was overcome with the need to rant………I know, I know I rant all the time…………… Relax and just stay with me here. While spinning like a top that day I thought about telling the story of a PHONY SL modeling agency and I named it: The FRIENDS123 MODELING AGENTIA I wanted to tell a story and used this 100% fabricated group as a way to tell a story that day. Now heading into a new summer, after switching sides from vendor (agency) to user (designer), I have more stories to tell and a different, more seasoned, perspective on some of these things…… (Some people thing I am being cruel when I make suggestions about how Tres Beau would like, a show we’re paying for BTW, produced and publicized. I think that it’s well within the purview of the people paying for a service to suggest how they would like it performed………………)

    So, for purposes of AgencyReport please understand that the FRIENDS123 MODELING AGENTIA is 100% mythical. It’s PURELY a —-> FABRICATION <—–, a compilation of personal experiences and vignettes that various people in the modeling and fashion world of SL have chosen to share with me, mostly in confidence. I'm protecting the innocent and spotlighting the perpetrators here. Some of the experiences I, and undoubtedly, my soon to arrive, cohorts will relate to, are fun. We may congratulate some people, some of our comments may verge on predatory, some, like the recent Edika Hax/Allegra Versace copybotting scandal where he copybotted a ton of designers and got caught red-handed, are criminal within both SL and RL and deserve to be announced far and wide. If you care to dispute something that is written about in the FRIENDS123 MODELING AGENTIA thread flame away……………

    The mission of the FRIENDS123 MODELING AGENTIA is two-fold: Socratic education and EVIL satirical humor – in equal parts……..Those are its cause célèbre and raison d'être. I plan to collect, and re-write, stories that will inform, instruct and amuse. If this unique approach bothers you or raises your blood pressure you don’t want to apply to be on the Friends123 Modeling Agentia reporting team or to be a FRIENDS123 MODELING AGENTIA model. On the other hand if you want either tag we’ll happily give you one if you join the group (once I clear a group slot to create it). The first post here will be an updated, edited, and corrected, version (to the best of my ability) of the original blog post where the Friends123 Modeling Agentia idea was hatched……………


    BTW Vichonette Constantine, by her recent posting below, has decided to self-select and join the management team of the Friends123 Modeling Agentia. She’s in charge of rumor-mongering, miscellaneous RP mayhem and of ALL FRIENDS123 MODELING AGENTIA recruitment. She wants to talk to you all in-world. Vich is a very good model and a good writer too. I stole one of her recent blog posts (she approved this when I asked though) to show you what she’s capable of:

    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    One Model's Frustration

    OK, so I did a show… I won't say for whom… It was a mess. Never have I ever felt like a complete idiot on a runway, but this was a first for me. I think I need to learn to roll with the punches a little better. I always thought of myself as a reasonable, even-tempered, helpful sort of person, but when everything from descriptions of my clothing being wrong, telling the audience I'm wearing something I didn't even have, skipping me completely in the second walk, sim crashing, and restarting two walks ahead of where we were at when it crashed so NO ONE's descriptions were right, and then getting yelled at by several other models because I happened to point out, precisely, where we were in the script, only I used the terms from the script notecard instead of the term from the walk order notecard so I couldn't POSSIBLY have any idea what I was talking about. That's almost a few too many punches to roll with.

    Forgive my rant. I don't often write in blogs, but sometimes it can be cathartic. I really do love what I do. 🙂

    No need to ask forgiveness Vich it sounds like that show was a cluster f—k and whoever directed it is lucky not to have had the SL Fashion Critique present to comment on it.

    Sooooooooo be warned – Vich has fangs and she bites. If you have a gripe with me you can tell her……………. Good luck with that one

    I, however, don’t bite because

    I’m just,

    Nave Fall

  49. Vichonette Says:

    Oooooh, write some, and I’ll spread some rumors about the friends. This should be fun!


  50. Nave Fall Says:

    Ohhhhhh my this is my favorite “mythical” agency.

    Their adventures and mis-adventures are epic…….

    Stay tuned I’ll write some

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